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How to Set 'Dual Channel Memory Mode' in AMI F3g UM BIOS?


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BIOS = AMI F3g UM 05/05/2014


I just installed a RAM upgrade into my computer 2 x 8GB matched pair of sticks.


In my computer manual it says that if you have installed a matched pair of memory sticks then it is possible to turn on what the manual calls 'Dual Channel Memory Mode' inside the BIOS (doing so increase the performance of the RAM).


I have had a look inside the BIOS but there is absolutely no entry/setting there labeled 'Dual Channel Mode'.


Does anyone know what the setting is that I am looking for in this BIOS and what I should set it to to enable dual channel mode?

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Thanks Jaclaz,


I actually have the booklet that comes with my motherboard and that corresponds with as being of the same type of manual that you refer to in you post.


Really the booklet, in one section, specifically refers to "Dual Channel Memory Mode" and notes that the user might want to make that setting. However, perversely, in the section of the booklet dealing with BIOS settings, needless to say, there is no information at all on how to set Dual Channel Mode. (I think people would need have some fair expertise on the BIOS and hardware configuration to get the information in the booklet to make sense - same would apply to just rummaging around in the BIOS proper.)


As best as I can tell the problem really seems to be that the motherboard manufacturers make the motherboard booklets, including the section on the BIOS settings, but don't really check that the booklet as whole makes consistent and coherent sense. Maybe they get the information on the BIOS from the BIOS producers themselves and just add that to the booklet as a block without reviewing that and the motherboard information and making it all cohere.


In any case for the last day or so I just couldn't get into the BIOS (no matter what I did) to check on the "DRAM Bus Selection" setting that you mention. However, I did eventually get in (long story) and there was no setting there titled "DRAM Bus Selection", or anything like it.


I have now tried to contact AMI directly by web-form based email. Strange set-up they have for that. They have an 'end-user' web-based email contact system - but they don't accept email address for their response to the user's query if the email address is of the type Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail etc. So if you've got an email address of that ilk then their automated web-form won't even allow you to send in your query. Wow, some end-user service that is! I eventally managed to find a way of masking my real email address and that got accepted into their enquiry form and I was able to send in the query. That said that was a day and a bit ago now and no response so I won't be holding my breath for one now.


I guess I'll just have to leave this issue to rest for now. Try contacting the folks that sold me the computer and maybe even GigaByte (motherboard manufacturer) when I get a bit spare time on my hands.


Thanks again, much appreciated.

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The issue is not with AMI, it is with your motherboard manufacturer.


You are not a customer of American Megatrends, you are a customer of the guys from which you bought the product, i.e. the motherboard manufacturer, Gigabyte in your case.


It would not be the first (nor the last) time that a board manufacturer has modified the AMI Bios to adapt it to a given motherboard, sometimes removing whole sets of customizations from the menu.


If you specify/detail the EXACT specific model of your motherboard, maybe it is possible to provide you some more targeted assistance.



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LIkely (but wait for a second opinion by someone more familiar with that thingy) the related settings are in M.I.T. (whatever that means) under:

Advanced Memory Settings

and under:

DRAM Timing Selectable 

and only IF Quick or Expert modes are selected: 

Channel Interleaving

Rank Interleaving




All in all, my advice is to leave the whole thing on Auto and experiment with just the:


Performance Enhance
Allows the system to operate at three different performance levels.

  • Normal Lets the system operate at its basic performance level.
  • Turbo Lets the system operate at its good performance level. (Default)
  • Extreme Lets the system operate at its best performance level.




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The issue is not with AMI, it is with your motherboard manufacturer.


You are a hundred percent correct Jaclaz. AMI did answer my email, for the record and so others might benefit from the information here is what AMI said:



Thank you for contacting AMI Tech Support,


According to the information you’ve provided, the manufacturer of your motherboard is Gigabyte. Unless the motherboard is an actual AMI motherboard, we are not authorized to provide support for it. The motherboard manufacturers license our generic BIOS and modify it to fit their motherboard specifications; thus, we do not have access to the changes made to the BIOS. For support, BIOS, and driver updates for your motherboard, please contact your motherboard manufacturer. You can also contact the place of purchase and inquire if they can provide assistance for you.



AMI Tech Support


Learn something every day. Should be said they definitely have a point.

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Guess I should ask. How did you get "BIOS = AMI F3g UM 05/05/2014" on a Rev-1.0 Board?



Same Q here? (Brand new mobo?)




gigabyte bios "f3g"

Seems to say this is a Beta and not for your Mobo?


According to first link, your BIOS should be an Award Bios and what jaclaz wrote is what your Manula says (Award). :crazy:

Here's (literally) what your screens should look like. Different Mobo, but It matches you Manual.


Please advise.


edit - BTW, F3 with the date you specified appears to be for a Rev-4 MoBo. The F3 for Your Rev is older.

edit2 - Rev-1 F3 is Award / F3 for Rev-4 is AMI - How did that happen? :crazy:


======== SCRATCH ALL OF ABOVE! (I'm a dope...) Keyword "DVI" ============



I will say this - If you don't put the pair in the same-colored slots (you have 4), it may work but you won't get Dual. Since the CPU-Z is not in the MDL link, it may be possible you don't have them in the "Dual" slots. Your description doesn't say which Slots. IOW, you want 1+3 and/or 2+4. Dual-Channel doesn't work otherwise.

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Hi SubMix,


I first read your post in my email client and it really had me scratching my head as to how, apparently, I could get it so wrong in detailing the motherboard and BIOS I had. When I came to the forum I was relieved to see your 'strike-outs'. (Boy that was confusing for a while.)


To clear misunderstanding the motherboard I have is definitely "GA-H61M-DS2 DVI". The motherboard manual can be seen here: https://a248.e.akamai.net/f/1053/6600/3/download.gigabyte.eu/FileList/Manual/mb_manual_ga-h61m-ds2-dvi_e.pdf


With respect to memory and Dual Channel Mode this is mentioned on pages 5 (schematic diagram), 7 (under the "Memory" title) and 9 (under the title "Dual Channel Memory Configuration"). Needless to say when it comes to the "BIOS Setup" pages nowhere is Dual Channel Memory mentioned anywhere at all. (Manual is a dead loss in that respect.)


With respect to the BIOS I've gone into the BIOS again and checked the information there, which is as follows:



Customer Code: UM

BIOS Date: 05/05/2014


If I go to the Gigabyte site for this motherboard and click for the BIOS information page then I get the following: http://uk.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=4403&dl=1&RWD=0#bios


Strange thing is that on that webpage it only offers "F3c" BIOS as being the latest for this motherboard (and at that it's a beta). My BIOS "F3g" is fairly well above "F3c" and isn't even mentioned at that webpage - go figure.


With respect to the number of DIMM sockets, there are only two on the motherboard - so there is no way I can be putting the memory in the wrong sockets.


Here is a screenshot of what CPU-Z says of the memory installed on this machine:



I'm not sure how to interpret that. It says "Channel #" is "Dual". But "DC Mode" (I assume that means "Dual Channel Mode") is blanked out - so what does that mean?



IOW, you want 1+3 and/or 2+4. Dual-Channel doesn't work otherwise.


Could someone explain what "IOW" means, I don't understand.


In any case, today I managed to complete a web-form with Gigabyte about this so maybe I'll get a response from there. If I do I'll post up the inf here.

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Well to answer my own original post Gigabyte got back and here is their response:



The BIOS will auto run "Dual Channel Memory" when two identical memory [sic] are installed.

You may install a [sic] third party CPU-Z software to confirm.


Guess that solves the issue for me. (Though I'm left scratching my head over how to interpret the CPU-Z results regarding memory -  think I'll try contacting them and see if they have anything to say on the issue).


Thanks to everyone who took the time and effort to respond.

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Ignore 4-slot (except that Dual Channel as I described *does* apply to 4-slot). The "colored" pic (showing where to find Rev-xx) in the manual deceived me. You definitely have 2 slots as it clearly shows further in. "IOW" I had obtained your manual from the U.S. site (exact same info). You *should* be good-to-go. BTW (that means "by the way" :w00t: ) if you click on the CPU-Z "SPD" tab you should see both RAM sticks.


An explanation of that single field is right here.



As they say in New York City - fahgedaboudit!

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