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Installing windows 7 from flash drive


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Hello All


I am having a problem installing windows 7. I have installed 4 new hard drives and every time I try to install windows 7,  I get to the format a partition screen, I select drive C, and the following message occurs,


Setp was unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing partition. See the setp log files for more information.


This message will also occur if I select any of the other 3 drives.


Can someone tell me what I can do to fix this error, thanks, Allen

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It needs room for a System Partition at the front end of the HDD. The OS parition (Drive C) follows.


How are you doing the OS Install. IOW, what's your Setup?

- What tool to create the USB Install

- Are you using an Install XML

- Is the ISO an "untouched" ISO or did you "do somethibg" to it?

- Are the HDD's brand new, or do they have Pre-Existing partitions (will/could bite you if so)

- What -Edition- are you trying to install


Need IN-Put!


I've used RMPrepUSB with Firadisk plus an Unattend XML (just the basics) plus a completely empty (no partitions) HDD Plus an untouched ISO and have had no problems.

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Maybe in this unrelated thread, starting form here:



you can get a possible solution, from what you write it sounds like the disk is not "clean" nor has "valid" (as recognized by Windows Setup) partitions, as an example this is possible if there is a partition covering the whole (or most of) the disk using a partition ID that Windows does not recognize, let's say a 0x83.



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