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  1. It has been there since way before 2018. I know for sure since I paid in early 2018
  2. I've tried setting it in Aero glass GUI but it will not work. Like this guy:
  3. It only does not go away in experimental builds. There is no experimental build right now, it is a stable build.
  4. Newest version of Windows giving that error again, will not download symbols, and hitting cancel doesn't fix it.
  5. It's still really sad that chrome disabled transparency on the unselected chrome tabs :(. They did it a few months ago, I hope they never remove the flag to leave the background transparent. On windows 7 compatibility mode, there is transparency on those tabs, but then it is laggy and stuff looks less flat and has more shadows.
  6. If you use dual monitors, there will be no watermark. Also, what happened, was I banned, why did it not let me log in to my account or use forget my password?

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