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Chrome browser on Pentium III / Athlon XP machines!


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Evil Dad, I don't trust that site! Clicking the download button leads a page that looks like an ordinary file sharing site at first, but every time I click "download" I get a page trying to trick me into downloading something fishy. The first time, a page came up claiming my Flash player was out of date, which is BS - then it tried to auto-download the Flash "update" without me even clicking anything! (I canceled the download, needless to say.) The download links on that page didn't lead to adobe.com either.

I don't think Chrome 34 is at that site at all - looks like just a malware site to me.

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If you are talking of thrishtech site, there is nothing to download there (if not through suspicious ads), anyway all the meaningful info that is in there is that chrome.exe allows a parameter:


that you can add to the shortcut launching it, here is the screenshot from that site:

There is anyway a Registry setting for the same:




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JEEZ, I hate to bump old topics, BUT...

Reading, @sdfox7 said in one thread:


Chrome v34.0.1847.37 was the last Non-SSE2, and in THIS one it's said the v34.0.1847.137 is the last. It's not on his webpage (see previous comments) from the self-extractor that was sent. I DID find the full "137" installer on FilePuma. Is this the same as was provided? I MAY have a use for it on my old P-III Dual-CPU NetServer, otherwise, I guess I'll be using the v34.0.1847.0 one.

Thanks for your patience for bumping an old thread. I'm loathe to dump that old beast (dual-550 + 1g RAM, noted in another OLD thread). It has an older Firefox (unsure what version I installed) on it and it DID work for my grandkids playing online games (has XP on it).


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