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Got Tips on How To Make a Bootable CD from Bootable USB?


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I must have missed it somewhere then that Noel needed UEFI booting and not bios booting..



8.1x64 should mean (mainly) UEFI but Windows 8/8.1 install DVD's have BOTH modes, point is that if you install from DVD after having booted from the "wrong" mode it won't work correctly:



and I believe that the same applies to "Recovery".

In any case there are three possible choices, and limiting to one is not IMHO "smart".



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Sorry I haven't been able to concentrate here, guys.  I only need BIOS booting.


But a general purpose recovery disc is of course more flexible.


At this point after having only a few more minutes to look into this, I am not at all certain that I have a valid recovery USB drive (shows you shouldn't assume anything).  I couldn't get it to boot - it booted from the system volume on the SSD array regardless of whether I enabled the USB for booting and the boot order I set in the BIOS.  Seems to me I had some trouble when I originally set things up as well, but I didn't write down what I had to do to get it to work at the time.  I think it was a matter of disabling something in the BIOS temporarily.  It will come to me I'm sure when I get a chance again to poke around in the BIOS screens.


I am going to switch over to doing this research using my WIn 8.1 VM I think, then when the dust settles and I have something to test I'll go back to doing it on the real hardware.



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