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WinXP: Creating an SP4

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...and did you notice that links are there in the -X- website to each and every KB Article which will give links to the fixes within the CAB files?


I just got to figure out what to adjust for not updating IE or WMP - and of course, as suggested, downloading from MS the files that the xdot.tk program converts into cabs.

Simple... do NOT include any MediaPlayer CAB files or the IE8 Files. The filenames clearly show what they are. If you -really- don't understand about the -other- CAB files, maybe you should read the Notes at the bottom? Finally, the SWF file is an essential component for displaying SWF/FLV/etc (supported) with IE.


Also, one problem with the xdot site is that it lists all the updates as "High Priority". It would be nice to have them listed as "Critical", "Important", "Optional", etc.

Um... There are no "optionals" included. These would be e.g. Silverlight, dotNet, etc, and are strictly Add-Ons you would get "elsewhere" or from MS when you go to the Windows Update website. FYI, the "WindowsUpdateAgent7.6.7600.256.cab" has the Executable inside it and IS necessary to get to/use Windows Update -and- you could VERY WELL have problems with it if you DON'T install IE8 (listed as CRITICAL in Windows Update). :yes: Basically, you can call all those listed/downloaded (even manually from the links) both "Critical" and "Important".


side note - the MediaPlayer files from MS are multi-version, the reason the CABs were created to prevent nLite from "barfing". Also note that these are updates to the SUPPLIED XP-SP3 MediaPlayer v9.




edit - it seems that the Unofficial XP SP4 is -loaded- with "optionals", after downloading/reviewing the Update List Attachment. Also note that it's currently at Alpha-level#2, so it's not even BETA yet. IOW, it's "use at own risk" whereas -X- is not. (NOTE: NOT KNOCKING IT, OK? Just pointing out the obvious...)

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