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  1. I just discovered today, while trying to troubleshoot something, that my system doesn't have MSINFO32. I am wondering what options did I have selected in nLite that would have removed this? Is there a way to install MSINFO32 now, without having to create a new ISO and reinstall my OS? Thanks in advance
  2. Wow, thank you for the links! None of the aplly to this current situations, but it was very informative and educational - never really knew about ADSs. My NAS is a WD My Book World Edition. It uses teh XFS file system - so no ADSs on the files coming from it. As I see it now: the issue is that WinXP is seeing anything with an IP address as INTERNET. Win2K is smart enough to know that the IP address with 192.168.X.X is INTRANET, why doesn't WinXP?
  3. Thanks for the reply. As I stated, using the machine name (thanks for reminding me of the term) works fine under IE6 - its when I use the IP address that it hiccups. For some reason every so often the NAS gets amnisia and forgets its name. So in order to connect to it I have to reboot it - very annoying. However if I map using the IP, if it gets amnisia the map still works! WinXP for what ever reason changed its criteria and is making IP address INTERNET. So I need to somehow get XP to act like 2K. Thank you so much for that link! I'm going to make a iso with the IE core files included and try that. I'll post the results later.
  4. Maybe I didn't ask my question correctly. I am not using HTTP nor FTP. I am accessing files on a NAS using mapped network drives of the shared folders on the NAS. Whenever I try to copy or move or run files on the NAS, these security warnings pop up. So what value would I use, as HTTP nor FTP sound right in this situation. Reading what you linked, and doing other research I found some stuff out: There is an issue with how IE appoints an item as intranet or internet. If you map a drive using the IP address it shows up as INTERNET due to the usage of the dots!!! So annoying - Win2K never did such a thing! So the alleged work around is to add the IP address into the "INTRANET SITES" in the IE settings. However if I used the name of the NAS to map, it still was showing as INTERNET. I created a new slipstream, this time I got rid of the IE8 files, just just used the IE6. This fixed the error with the name, but not the IP. I created a new slipstream with the IE core files. I added the IP to the "INTRANET SITES", but the drive is still showing as INTERNET. BTW: I stated in the other thread that I used nLite to remove IE, not the FDV file set. Thanks for the help thus far.
  5. Before I was trying to JUST use HFSLIP. So me using nLite at all was a "break down" and compromise. lol
  6. So I would add the ip address of the server? So for example: REGEDIT4[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\ZoneMap\EscDomains\192.168.xxx.xxx]"http"=dword:00000001Thanks
  7. The link to this is broke. Could someone re-post it?
  8. I wish to disable these warnings. I access many files from a networked server, so this warning pops up constantly. I wish to disable it. The instuctions online to resolve this issue require ne to go into IE and modify the zones. Problem with that is that I, via nLite, removed IE - so I'm not able to implement their solutions. Seeing that I have removed IE, its odd that this warning even exists. Anyone have any ideas?
  9. Ok, this is what I found out. To give a background to my porcessing: I first run nLite to slipstream hotfixes and addons, and to remove components. I then run HFSLIP do slipstream various files and REG, etc (yes submix - I finally caved into using nLite due to all the hickups I was getting from the FDV fileset and a lack of responce from FDV to resolve/trouble shoot them). After much trails, and analisit I discovered that HFSLIP will OVERWRITE and SVCPACK.INF file that might exist. This is why the addons were not installing - cause the SVCPACK.INF file that had there command lines was overwritten. So what I ended up doing was modifying the .CMD file so that instead of overwritting it appends. After doing such resolved the issue.
  10. I'm having the same issue with the desktop tab missing. What needs to be done to reslove this?
  11. I downloaded some AddOns to install with nLite. The ones for dotNet work fine, but the ones for the programs (like 7-Zip) do not. Looking at the modied folder, I see the installer files in the SVCPACK folder - but they are not actually being installed. I got my 7-Zip AddOn file from here: http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/85566-index-of-all-my-addons-16102011/ Is there a reason this AddOn isn't working?
  12. JayMan

    WUA Not Being Removed

    As far as I know, from watching nLite run, it first integrates the hot fixes - then it removes the components. Just like even though I have the various IE8, their components are removed per my selection of them.
  13. I have nLite setup to remove Windows Update. After running the WUA.exe file is still there. In fact, if I run nLite again and select the modifed folder it shows Windows Update being active. However if I follow through with the second run it does in fact remove it. So why won't it remove it the first time, requiring me to run it twice? Attached are the last session ini's. I renamed the as Phase 1 and Phase 2 to show the process. Phase 1.ini Phase 2.ini
  14. Solved the issue by enabling "Map Network Drives\Network Places Wizard". In fact, in the info in the right panel (which I couldn't fully read until I enlarged the program's screen) says directly that this option needs to ne enabled for this function!
  15. I have some very long help messages that are being truncated. For some reason the text of the help message starts about 1/3 the way in from the left edge of the screen. Is there a way to change the margin, or column that the help message starts? I know that HELPMSGROW controls what row it starts, what about the column? Thanks in advance.
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