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HF Folders: Where do I put modified TXTSETUP.SIF and LAYOUT.INF?


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I have taken the original versions of these files, and modified them (added SATA support, change install directory, etc).

I was wondering where to put them at.

I don't want to put them in the SOURCE folder, as I want to keep that pure and only have the original files in there.

I can't put them in the REPLACE folder, as then these files would overwrite the ones that HFSLIP had modified.


So where can I put them so that HFSLIP can modify them?


Thanks in advance.

You have to edit txtsetup.sif on-the-fly:

use hfexpert\storage to add sata support

use hfcleanup to delete lines

use hftools\hfslip_post*.cmd to add or edit lines

edits to layout.inf are not needed

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