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Accessing a shared printer in Windows 7 64-bit


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I have a Canon i850 (old) printer on my Windows XP (32-bit) desktop computer that I want to access on my Windows 7 laptop to print files. I set XP to share the printer on the network. I can access the printer remotely and print easily from Linux, which uses CUPS drivers. However, there seems to be no Win64 driver for this printer. When I try to access the printer remotely from my Windows 7 laptop, it asks me for a driver, which I can't find. Windows Update fails to find one, also. The XP/2000 driver fails to install because it is a 32-bit monolithic driver, which will not work with a 64-bit kernel. The strange thing is that I can connect to the printer on my laptop with the USB cable, and a driver installs, and the printer works perfectly. But when I connect remotely, it doesn't find a driver. Is there some way to use the USB printer driver over the network and be able to print? If not, can I set up something like a print spooler on the XP machine which can handle this?

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You may try to download and manually install the Vista x86 driver if it is available.






I've searched and there is no Vista driver either. Ran out of options.

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AFAIK, there is NO "Canon" driver for 7 (or for any 64 bit OS) but the printer should be supported by the "standard" Windows 7 drivers, and there is an "add-on" to extend it's functionalities):

File Description   Date Size minus.gif Printer Driver Add-On Module Ver.1.10 (Windows 7/7 x64)   07/20/11 4.10 MB
File Name: aomwin110ea23us.exe 

This software is a module that expands the functionality of the printer driver for Canon Inkjet printers. Your printer must be installed via Microsoft Update before you download and use this module. By installing this software, you can use the printer...


Maybe the built-in driver is not "specific" for the I850 but it is rather (like as an example many HP printers ones "generic") see if you can find in Windows Update a driver for a "similar" printer, like the i 860 or i865 ... :unsure:


According to this:


drivers for Vista exist (though the file says nothing if that is 32 or 64 bit).



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