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I was trying to capture boot sector info to change my win8.1PE from a usb bootable to a iso. Not sure which file is the boot sector, or if it is multiple files. Can someone please shed some light on the windows 8 boot process?


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The booting process has not changed from Vista onwards.

The bootsector for a CD/DVD/.iso is etfsboot.com. <- this is an El-Torito no-emulation bootsector

You find it in the install .iso under the /boot directory.

The bootsector for FAT/FAT32/NTFS partiton is "embedded" and can be installed with bootsect.exe.

The bootsectors behaviour is the same, load BOOTMGR, then access the BCD and finally load the WIndows throuigh WINLOAD.EXE.

But if you post about the actual problem you are having (as opposed ot a "fraction" of it) , you may receive more complete answers, including info about the use of the (needed) OSCDimg or mkisofs to actually create the .iso, and/or - possibly - about already existing tools/scripts whatever capable of doing that.


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