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  1. hello, I was trying to capture boot sector info to change my win8.1PE from a usb bootable to a iso. Not sure which file is the boot sector, or if it is multiple files. Can someone please shed some light on the windows 8 boot process? thanks
  2. again, thanks for all of your help last time, I have been trying to be cautious as I build, and test the ISO by installing fully after each slipstream/modification. In the interest of saving time, I slipstreamed 4 packs from RVM's site all at once on my latest build: NR's IE7 English Addon v2.0.3 MS Signed Themes Addon v6.0 Microsoft.NET DirectX for Managed Code v1.0.0a Kels' CPL Bonus Pack v9.2.1 Apart from some changes in making the install automated, this is all that was added. All driverpacks and previous addons tested sucessfully. (The Machine would boot after installation, and everything appeared normal.) With these four I get the dreaded BAD_POOL_CALLER. Is there anyknown incompatibilities between these? BTW, I'm running this on VMware, have not tested on a full machine yet
  3. dilar

    crashes in VM

    Well of course i integrated a whole bunch of new stuff, that's what makes this fun! So what, should I start over integrating one thing at a time? Cuz I didn't remove anything with nlite, just used it as an integrator. I thought about removing System Restore, but left it cuz I didn't want errors like this....
  4. dilar

    crashes in VM

    Ok, so after building my ISO with nlite, I came across this error: "The following value in the .SIF file used by Setup is corrupted or missing: Value 0 on the line in section [WinntDirectories] with key '.' Setup cannot continue." WTF? txtsetup.sif would be attached, but it's too large, and pasting it in makes my firefox crash. i guess I could pm or email it? Edit: nvm, I 7zipped it. It's attached Tia, Rick TXTSETUP.7z

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