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Slipstreaming XP Pro from XP upgrade & Win 98se


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All I really need to know is whether this is possible with nLite (or any slipstreamer).

I'm guessing I will have to insert the win 98se disk at some point during the installation, so not quit efully "unattended".

I'm clinging to XP largely because I have quite a collection of Excel 97 vba-ed spread sheets that do all kinds of things from auto-charting from internet sources, chart animations to show tax position changes etc. Not what you'd call Facebook generation stuff, and not the sort of thing I would envisage ports easily to Open Office or the like.

Thanks for your advice.


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Essentially I have a win98se installation disk and an XP pro upgrade disk, which together with an sp3 download and various updates have formed the XP OS I've been using to run, amongst other things, Excel 97. The demise of XP has made me realise I need to consolidate, if poss, all XP updates, my XP ugrade install and win 98se all in one integrated installation, if possible. And that's essentially the question: is it possible to build an integrated installation out of these fragments?

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Checked out the first reference - thanks v much. Interesting that all the refernces I come across concerning XP Upgrade seem to be for Mac users : wonder why that is?

Am checking out the other links now.

I'm pretty sketchy on what I need to do. Presumably nLite comes in during the slipstreaming of SP3 and other updates, no?

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I see :).

The easiest is probably using the first method submix8c posted, BUT that set of instructions is assuming that a Linux is used, so you will need to adapt the instructions to your OS environment (i presume XP).

If you need help just say so, though most probably you will need to make a few attempts (having a Virtual Machine to test the .iso would be advisable).


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IDK if this is still true but. I used to have a win2k Pro Upg CD. I could just boot the cumputer with it then It would ask for a previous windows Disk. So I would put my Nt4 disk in the CD drive it would check it then I could put the 2k disc back in the cd drive and it would install.

And Btw I slip streamed my 2kPro CD by using normal command.


Just rename the SP to SP3.EXE and use like 7zip to extract it to C: Then Just Extract your upgrade CD to the XP folder on C drive.

Now your commande will be C:\SP3\UPDATE\UPDATE.EXE -s:C:\XP

BOOOOOM you have slip streamed your XP Upgrade.

Now to Integrate HOTFIXES you can just use the /Integrate Swtch To integrate them to C:\XP

Its easyer if you put all of the hotfixes you want to integrate into a folder called update.

Make a update folder put your hotfixes. in C:\Updates

Rename all your Hotfixes to Just the short name trust me it makes it easyer.

Example KB12345678.exe

Create a bat file called update .bat put it in same folder.

Update.Bat should look like this


@echo off


%PATHTOFIXES%\KB12345678.EXE /Integrate:C:\XP

%PATHTOFIXES%\KB87654321.EXE /Integrate:C:\XP

Add as many lines like the above for each hotfix you have.

Once you are done Run the BAT file and it will integrate all of your hotfixes into the XP SP3 source you made earlyer.

Then Like I said burn the CD There are various guides on how to make it bootable number of sectors 4 no enumeration etc. Then when it asks for CD just pop in 98 cd it will do the checks then install the slipstreamed XP.

The reason I recomend not doing the Above is becasue slipsteamed XP with all integrated hotfix take up almost the full CD the probably will not be room to Fit 98 on the same CD. However you can try making and Install DVD.

Folow these OLD instructions you can do it with NERO 5 or 6 if you have them. Just instead of doing Boot CD choose Boot DVD. then you have room for the 98 files. as

submix8c suggested


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@oldskool -

You ARE aware that "some" Fixes for XP don't "directly integrate" and require special handling, right? That's what nLite is for. Also, the OP has already stated that they do NOT want to "swap CD's" and is perfectly aware of the "swap" procedure.

XP and 2K are two different (although similar) OS and Fixes have changed how they work since the last 2K Fixes were released. IOW, your BAT file will -only- work for "some/most" of the Fixes. Go ahead and download one of the -latest- XP fixes and run it from a CMD prompt and ask for "help" and you'll see what I mean. In addition, the LATEST ones can NOT be directly extracted (with e.g 7-Zip) either (different compression method). IOW, your BAT Script will not (completely) work.

Many of us (including jaclaz) have -multiple- OS Sources (e.g DOS all the way through Win8.1) and know perfectly well how the work (most of the time). I personally have DOS3->Win7 (ALL of them, excluding "interims").

HTH (and no offense intended)

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I'm just trying to teach him somthing. I bet alot of people didnt know you can do it that way atleast for the service packs. your right some of the fixes are not HOTFIX compliant and require extraction before they can be integrated or simple will not integrate I Know NLITE complains that itself cannot integrate some hotfixes.

By whatever means OP you want to slipstream and integrate hotfixes go for it. You can do it yourself and gather all the files or download somone elses pack. use NLITE or RyanVM or somthing else. But I suggest you take my advice as far as the later part of what I wrote which was make a boot DVD instead of a Boot CD and put the XP and use the method posted to put the (8 files on the same disk.

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(sigh...) You didn't even read the links.

You don't even NEED the "physical" files - you can make "DUMMY" filenames. Indeed, ONE of the links indicates a Script to ZERO them prior to creating a CD/ISO.

No need for a DVD. ;)

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Indeed, ONE of the links indicates a Script to ZERO them prior to creating a CD/ISO.

To be picky, as I am ;), the script - as said - is for bash (Linux) and won't (obviously) work on any MS OS.

Additionally, I personally doubt that ALL the files on the Win98 CD (or on the NT 4.00 or 2K CD) are actually checked during the install, it is more likely that only one or "a bunch" or "a handful" of files (empty/fake or "real") are actually needed.


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:blushing: Agreed. The basic concept is much the same though.

I guess I should create a "fully functional script" (but not right now) using (e.g.):

COPY NUL "C:\<ISO-rootfolderpath>\<variablenamefromCDfilename>"

(the variable being the "i" in the BASH example but the filename being from the actual CD)

BTW, I'd never heard of this "method" since I've never had to deal with an "Upgrade" version before.

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4 (four) bytes saved ;)


But you need to create the folder structure too.

What about using XCOPY source destination /T/E ?


@ECHO OFFSETLOCAL ENABLEEXTENSIONSSET Source=M:SET Target=C:\testXCOPY %Source% %Target%\ /T/EFOR /F %%A "tokens=*" IN ('DIR %Source% /S /B /A-D') DO CD.>"%Target%%%~pnxA"


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