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how can I protect DVD from copy


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stiff ISO into RAR or ZIP or whatever and put password on it :P

this way only you know password

but as told CD/DVD won't be installable as you'd have to extract/de-pack the contents out

steps for that are following:

win 7 iso

click right

using WinRAR-add to archive


set password

put any password then ok

But I will get win 7 rar not iso file,,,,maybe not work during format,

Did you mean this steps to stiff ISO into RAR or ZIP or whatever and put password on it.

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You want to protect the data on a disc, you will have to either

1. encrypt the file ( so that it is all ones and zeros ). Meaning the key in question is the only thing that will be able to open the file.

2. get an encryption program ( which you could find in almost every single current trending storage device ) of some sort. Even if the encryption program is considered out dated, it might be able to block even the most advance snoopers.

3. A bigger question. How to encrypt a DVD for casual play back but disallow computer agent from reading??? Is that your question???

Well The DVD table of contents would have to be readable, even if the data is not. But the actual data would have to be encrypted

so that a regular computer without key ( like how female and male parts matches....see Ghost Busters ) will be unable to read the file.

HOWEVER this does not stop the DVD from being read as a regular image/Video. Meaning almost every single DVD backup program would be able to get the video data that has been readable since 1992 or whenever DVD first was around.

HOWEVER you could still have files written to the DVD but the video would still be accessible as an official dvd. The only other way would be to toss out every single regular DVD drive in your household, and switch to a later format that is still considered DVD but is not universal.

4.Since June 2009 ( correct me if I am wrong ) all DVD components have firmware locks on them.

Another way would be to create an artificial firmware lock for your Disc. Then apply the encryption to the data you want stored away

on the disc. Write the dvd file as normal so it could boot on that specific DVD model.

I have not gone to those extremes, as I believe the right of privacy and thus a personal computer is considered YOUR ELECTRONIC BRAIN. So you ELECTRONIC BRAIN should have the same rights as your regular brain. An easier solution to anti-privacy is just to challenge the law itself, by boycotting, or some other form of passive resistance. The end result will probably be a retaliation by sadistic methods of manipulation including the various strategic tactics whether they be known or unknown. But that is another subject all together. AKA time cop ( like the television series ).

5. Just to get insane on encryption. You could copy other models used by consumer models. From the do not open and if open then erase. To outdated reading mechanisms. Of course the item should be accessible by a child. There is also retina scan ( demolition man ),

to thumb print ( which you could find on most hardware nowadays ), or even sound scanner ( as seen in Richie Rich the movie ). Television

advertising even have face scanning ( which is included in your out of the box 360 ). So much bs is being made which otherwise could be

used bypassed by simply changing the law and promoting the idea of better people

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