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Flash 9 not working on NT 4.0? (consolidated thread)

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I believe the error message I received was "The procedure entry point MonitorFromWindow could not be located in the dynamic link library User32.DLL." That was on NT 4.0 only.

Thanks for the link to Shockwave Flash 10.3. Hopefully it wil work with Opera too. Although you know that it supports 98SE, it may work with NT 4.0 too. Oldapps said the last Windows NT 4.0 compatible version was 10.2, but they can't always be trusted.

This is not a website-only problem. Earlier versions of Flash 9 (up to at least seem to crash when trying to load any flash content, no matter which operating system. This is for youtube, dailymotion, CNN. I even tested some sites using Flash games, and they instantly crashed as well. I tested this in Firefox, IE 6, K-Meleon 1.5.4 and Opera 10.63, with the same results. So it was a problem with Flash 9 itself.

I knew that IE & Firefox have different Flash Players, and FF has the same Flash Player as Opera.

I will try Shockwave for now, and post the results.

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1) Failing to load is _not_ "a crash"

2) 9r47 doesn't call MonitorFromWindow, 9r115 and up (including 10.2 and 10.3) do.

3) 9r115 and up also require SSE for videos

3) 9r47 is very stable in FF2..20 on SE, but not so in Opera 10.63

You asked about getting 9r47 to work in Opera 10.63 on Nt4. Please describe in detail exactly how it fails.

Your best option may be to hope that 9r47 is stable in Opera7 or 8--whatever is the earliest that can display a minimal Youtube page or embedded video.

Also confirm that you have NT4sp6 and not 6a.

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After reading your reply, this are my replies:

-Whenever I tried to load Flash content using Flash Player 9, Opera & FF would crash, not fail to load flash content.

-Before I knew that 9r47 was the latest Flash for NT 4.0, I tried some other releases of Flash 9, including Flash 9r246, and THEY were missing MonitorFromWindow.

-As for Opera 10.63, I am not sure how to explain it. If I install Flash 9.0.47, it installs fine, but when I go onto a Flash website that is currently displaying Flash content, Opera just shuts down. It doesn't always even ask to send an error report.

-Have you recently used Flash Player 9. If so, what version, and does it work for you.

I have SP6a installed, not SP6. What difference does this make?

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Maybe this will help:

1)I am using Windows NT 4.0 SP6a as my main OS for this, but I'm also using 98.

2)Opera 10.63 is my main browser, but since it didn't work, I tried some other browsers.

3)My goal is to get earlier versions of Flash player 9 (up to v. 9.0.124) to work.

4)That thread is for any Flash Player, and for Windows NT 4.0 only. The version of Flash I have there is 8.0.42. While that works on Youtube,It barely works with anything else.This topic was originally to get some versions of Flash 9 (earlier versions) to work in Windows. AFTER I tested in 98, I came to the conclusion that Flash Player versions up to 9.0.124 don't work.

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For Flash 9 after version 47, cpu becomes an issue. SSE is required for video and that means a PIII or greater. What is your hardware setup?

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I am running this virtually, and the virtual machine emulates an Intel Pentium II as the processor, with an Intel 440BX chipset.

I can't really understand,however, why Flash 9.0.47 doesn't work at all. Not that it is usable, but even Flash Player 7 works (runs right).

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Flash by OS:

NT4: Without SSE, Flash versions later than 9.0.47 are out of the question for NT4.

98 : For Win98, however, you can use FineSSE to overcome the SSE issues of later Flash 9 versions (up through r289).

98+KernelEx: Flash 10.0-10.3.

Opera by OS:

NT4: 10.63 is possible;

98 : 10.10, 10.63?

98+KernelEx: 10.63, 11.11, 11.64, 12.02

Firefox by OS:

NT4: 1.5.x,,

98 : 1.5.x,,

98+KernelEx: 3.0, 3.5, 3.6, ...

For NT4, sdfox7 recommends Opera 9.64+Flash9.0.47+SP6 (not 6a) (see post #2). See also this update (#4).

For Win98, I recommend Firefox 9.0.47 (I use this daily).

For 98+KernelEx, I suggest trying Firefox 3.6.x and Flash 10.1; Opera 11.64 is another option.

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For 98SE, I have Flash 9 installed on Opera 10.63 and it works. The only thing that doesn't seem to work is Youtube, as most of the buttons don't seem to show up.

For NT 4.0, I installed opera 9.64, and Flash 9.0.47, but the problem still occurs. I have been trying to disable hardware acceleration, but Opera crashes before I could even see a flash animation.I think this problem may be related to SP6a. I know where I could get the original SP6, but how do I uninstall SP6a?

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A year or so ago, Youtube updated their video interface and the controls disappeared for all versions of Flash 9.0.*.

Earlier today I tested over a dozen Flash versions (from 9.0.47 through and confirmed that to see the controls, you will need Flash 10.0 or later. That means no more Youtube video controls in NT4. :(

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Thanks for testing that. I've tested Flash 8 on YouTube before and I believe it works, but displays an older version of the page.

Do you know if any additional updates/special steps are required to run FP9? I believe I got version 9.0.124 on 98SE by rebooting the computer. Either that, or I used Shockwave instead, which claimed it was Adobe Flash 9.0.124.

Also, could you please tell me how to uninstall any Windows Service Pack (I don't need to know about NT 4.0 in particular, all versions must have a similar process).

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"Control Panel" -> "Add/Remove Programs"

By default (usually) all Win9x/Win2K+ Fixes and Service Packs can be uninstalled. Be aware that (AFAICR) those less than WinXP will -not-warn you that you have installed something Post-Fix-Install.

As for NT4, unless you allowed for Uninstall (see this http://www.windowsnetworking.com/articles-tutorials/windows-nt/ntservpk.html) you're going to have a rough time of it. Apparently, there's a "glitch" in SP6a in reference to IE5 (see the link). Maybe do a Binary Compare on the differences between SP6 and SP6a then simply "replace" the affected modules? :unsure: Maybe jaclaz can assists in this as I believe he has some experience in NT4 (not to mention many other OS).

One site claims you can just run SP6 "over top" - if true, I would recommend making an Image as backup -and- be sure to -not- allow for "uninstall. This is -only- if you can't do it via Add/Remove.

edit - found this -


Scrolling down to SP6a, below that is a file named "Q246009i.EXE". After a compare of the SP6-vs-SP6a, it appears that the files "updated" by that file correspond to the differences. You could -probably" just overlay the SP6a version of the files with the SP6 version.

- afd.sys

- convlog.exe

- sfmatalk.sys

- winver.exe <-(irrelevant - see below link)

See this for what actually changed between them -


Be aware that the UPDATE.INF is different between the two. I have -no clue- if this would affect any displays of Versioning etc.

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