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Flash 9 not working on NT 4.0? (consolidated thread)

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I have tried Flash 11 on Windows 2000, and I needed DirectX as well. Guess it needed an extra function from directx.


Flash 9 is good under Windows NT 4, but it is limiting in general. Not much content will play with it anymore. So, I tried Flash 10 (in particular I thought if that version worked, others may work as well. It installed correctly, but I ran it with Dependency Walker just to check (better safe than sorry) and found that there were 4 missing DLL functions. They are:


MonitorFromWindow, GetMonitorInfoA, GetFileSizeEx, SetFilePointerEx. 

I opened up NPSWF32.dll in HxD and renamed the functions as following:


MonitorFromWindow ->GetAppCompatFlags (Flash 9.0.280 for windows NT 4.0 topic said this was OK.), GetMonitorInfoA -> GetWindowInfo, GetFileSizeEx ->GetFileSize, SetFilePointerEx ->SetFilePointer.


There were no problems with the DLL, so I saved it to the desktop, uninstalled and reinstalled flash, then put the modified NPSWF32.DLL in the plugins directory of each browser (I use Opera 10.63 and Firefox But I was greeted by some error messages when I search a Flash video site.


Opera: "The Shockwave Flash plugin failed. A restart of Opera is recommended."

Firefox: "The plugin performed an illegal operation. You are strongly advised to reinstalled Firefox."


I haven't been able to get the page loading on Opera, but on Firefox the Adobe Flash version checker works and the animation plays to show Flash working. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


MonitorFromWindow is only available in Windows 98 and later.

GetFileSizeEx is Windows 2000 and later.

SetFilePointerEx is also from Windows 2000 and later.

This is true. That's why I replaced those API calls with calls present in NT 4.0 that are simpler but still do the same thing. But while there are no errors with Flash 10 itself, it won't play video and instead gives error messages.
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A year or so ago, Youtube updated their video interface and the controls disappeared for all versions of Flash 9.0.*.

Earlier today I tested over a dozen Flash versions (from 9.0.47 through and confirmed that to see the controls, you will need Flash 10.0 or later. That means no more Youtube video controls in NT4. :(

YouTube video controls work in Flash 7 (I have tested) as long as you use the Flash Spoofer for Windows 95 and NT 4.0, thanks to Toasty Tech's Nathan Lineback.


In the attached picture I am running Windows 95 and Firefox 1.5 with Flash 7 on a Pentium II system with 128MB RAM. All controls are visible and functional.


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I know this is a old thread but I wanted to confirm that changing MonitorFromWindow to GetAppCompatFlags in the 9.0.280 plugin allows it to run on NT4 and with it youtube does work as of this morning where the 9.0.47 plugin does not 

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