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Shooting yourself in the foot~


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Thanks Spheris

I was shooting myself in the head trying to find rc 1 :)

:offtopic: I have succesfully managed the 817778 msi but i don't see any point of putting it :rolleyes:

long live sp2

I'm downloading it but my download speed is very inconsistent. I was at 8MB/s until 40% now i'm going at 180kb/s is there some sort of limiter in ms's website?

or is it bc too many ppl are downloading or is ms still suffering from DoS?

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man i haven't gotten a full dl still

started my billionth dl.

tried 4-5 different dl accelerator programs.

why does it have to stop at 150-170mb?? each time

I pause and restart i get 2mb/s for a while then decreases and then stops! very annoying ms!

any mirrors?

edit: crap 1 down again @157mb wtf?

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