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Some errors after editing XP setup CD with nLite, RVMi and OnePiece


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Hello everybody,

I hope that this post is in the correct section. :angel

I kindly ask you some support on a XP setup that I have created from an XP SP2 Corporate ENU installation CD. I've gone through the following steps (in square brackets the tool I've used):

- [nLite] SP3 slipstreaming

- [nLite] Intel AHCI driver integration from some "F6 driver pack" downloaded from intel website (I'm quite sure I've not integrated two versions of the same southbridge chip)

- [nLite] removal of not needed components (applications, languages/keyboard, folders on CD)

- [RVM] integration of OnePiece PostSP3 v7.0 ENU

- [RVM] addition of AddonRemove for .NET 1.1, .NET 3.0, WinSearch and BrowserChoice

Then I've started Windows setup but I've encountered two (non-blocking) problems

- setup warns me tha Netfx11.inf and Netfx30.inf file are missing, giving me the option to "continue anyway". I think it's normal that those files are not present as I've removed the corresponding .NET Frameworks, but is it normal to have such warnings? Or are they present because I've made some mistakes?

- after first reboot during setup process, I get an error message regarding a hardware problem and setup stops. If I set SATA mode to "not native" in the BIOS menu of my laptop, I'm able to start a new install without this error. I thought that by integrating AHCI driver everything should be fine - infact using normal WinXP CD and SATA mode to native, I get an error regarding "no hard disk detected", while with the modified XP setup allows me to create partitions and complete the first part of setup.

Thank you in advance for any help! :yes:

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Well since you mention corporate XP, I'm not sure I'm allowed to help you.

I'll wait for a moderator to chime in.

Ah, sorry, I didn't know that having a Corporate version of XP has some limitations.

By the way, I got the CD from my University as I'm working for it after graduating. I don't know why it is recognized by nLite as a Corporate WindowsXP... i think it's due to the licensing policy, similar to the one used in large profit organizations.

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There is no such thing as "Corporate XP." Its a term that people use to describe a warez copy of XP. Typically this type of media is actually a VLK version of XP that is only available to corporations that have a Volume Licensing Agreement. So in either case, no one here could help because of these two possible reasons:

1. nLite is licensed for personal use only and may not be used for business purposes of any kind.

2. talking about Warez is a bannable offense on this forum.

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Shouldn't matter. :unsure:

Preferable to NOT use both nLite and RVM.

In -x- signature is a link to all "critical" updates rather than the OnePiece one, although i'm not knocking his great work.

Compare what's in his package to the list on -X- website.

Per the "AddonRemove" - read this (where you got the PostSP3 pack) -


Per the SATA Drivers - read these -



All in one nLite run, no RVM involved. K-I-S-S. ;)

edit - OUCH!!! One might wonder how you got your hands on a VLK version, though...

TBH, I can't see how nLite even KNOWS that it is. :huh:

(Apologies,Trip, I'll now bow out... have said enough)

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Actually, Megrez already posted how he got it. He got a copy from the school he used to go to. So in this case, the media is technically warez but the Megrez may not realise this case. So either way, we can't talk about it anymore. :no:

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