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[SOLVED] XP-Prof. Boot Problem


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I have changed the links to


for the bootlog created with Sysinternals Procm.



for the file created by Microsoft Bootvis

Meanwhile I gave a try to solve the question by disinstalling Comodo CIS version 6.1 and that was the solution.

It must have been e recent autoupdate that created the problem because I used alredy CIS for a while.

Thanks to all of you who spent time in helping me to solve this problem.

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The latest version of CIS v6.1 has an issue with XP.

See the post at the Comodo Forum here.

Their recommendation is to reinstall v6.0 in XP.

Would you please quote the info about the issue here? TIA.

For dencorso and others who are interested, this is from Comodo Forum,

"From what I see on the forum you are not alone who face this type of behavior.

Best wait the next update that will be out next week. Again is a small update

that will fix the network issue, but who knows, you should try it. If you experience

the same issue, return to 6.0."

"I too observed the same problem on 3 XP machines. None of them have any

other Secuirty or Virtualisation suites installed. Uninstallers/registry cleaners did not help.

Besides, reverting back to 6.0.2708 completely eliminates the problem.

For now, I suggest to all those who are facing this problem to uninstall CIS6.1, install 6.0

and disable "automatic program updates", wait for a fixed build..."


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For all who are interested again:

Comodo issued their new version 6.1.276867.2813 today.

From their website:

Version 6.1.276867.2813

28 April / 2013 Fixes

Firewall slows down internet connection under some conditions

Memory leak when firewall blocks the packets

Antivirus does not detect some packed samples

Windows XP boots very slowly

Blank message boxes appear during program updates

I just installed it on XP SP3 system and it booted right up as normal.


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