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Multiple messenger recipients?

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I wasn't aware that you had to be a sponsor to get that ability (Developers really kinda should get that though :X )

I've been a developer here for just over 8 years. What is the chance of getting the ability to messenger multiple people and send attachments in messages?

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I find it very curious, and somewhat disconcerting, that xper has not addressed this, commented in this thread, or even responded to Kel's question at least privately.

Cheers and Regards

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Wow this is utterly astounding. First all of the database errors that aren't being fixed. Then my requests and PM's being ignored, then Xper and cluberti seemingly going mia.

Really guys WPI has been a part pf MSFN for nearly ten years. WHAT is going on???

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It's utterly amazing that xper immediatly replies to any post that deals with donations yet completly ignores the needs of a msfn hosted and developed app that has been here for ten years.

Kinda shows a lot of loyalty for severe long term members...


I really am getting upset at this treatment.

I sent xper a pm about this on april 13th which it says he read on may 22nd.

I asked on june 12th for myselfidem to be added to the wpi developers.

The wpi section has @2800 topics and @17000 replies. Thus I can infer that WPI has generated enough ad-driven income that its devs should be considerd supporters.

If there was a way to leave MSFN and keep all of that info contained in those twenty-eight hundred topics I would really consider it at this time.

Considering the 4+ month long era of forum database errors and xper mainly only replying to issues that deal with money it makes me wonder where his priorities are...


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You said you contacted xper via PM yet he was unresponsive. You could have contacted the forum staff to have the request forwarded. All these bumps were unnecessary. Saying your PMs were ignored is also quite disrespectful and in poor taste. xper has been extremely busy with things here on the forums recently. He may also have been busy with real life matters, I hope you took that into consideration.

Kel, you need to be more respectful if you like this forum so well. Negative comments do not work in your favor for getting things that you would like. Keep that in mind.

I'm locking this thread and I will forward it to xper. It's his forum and ultimately his decision.

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Kels, will do but you need to understand one thing. I live alone with 10 years autistic daughter and have some kind financial issues this month. MSFN is on the edge to be canceled from hosting provider. That's the reason I answer to donators personally.

Sorry for delay about your request but I had terrible time in the past year. Your request is on my list.

Thank you for understanding.

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