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Start Is Back - 2.1 release


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* Constructive concepts are welcome

Constructive? Don't charge for this.

Put a thousand ads in the installer (only the installer) and you'll get it back :)

Otherwise, people will just pirate it.

Gee thanks for the insight...

You know that if people ACTUALLY supported and donated for all of the freeware stuff many of us have put out we wouldn't even have to make such hard decisions.

Even if it is pirated he will still make a hell of a lot more money than he is now...

Thank you for reaffirming my faith in basic humanity...

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Fixed that for you:

Not sure if anybody posted this, but trying to pin something on the start menu does not work.

It works for me. Just to be clear:

"Pin to Start" = Metro Pin to the Modern UI Start Screen (aka "Apps" Start Screen),


"Pin to Start menu" = Windows 7 menu. Pin to the Desktop Start Menu

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It would also be great, if the user could select which features of StartIsBack to use. For example, I would like to have the native login to desktop (without script) and the removal of certain hot corners (which is already possible), but I wouldnt really want to have the old start menu back or even the start orb.

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Brainiac, if you just used native login to desktop and hot corner removal... then why would it be called StartIsBack? :)

That just made my day.

I thought of the same thing, but I don't blame him for the wish, since probably no other utility exists yet which does it the same way as Tihiy's. Maybe he'll implement this eventually or make a separate subset of this program just for that. Who knows.

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unfortunately user from BetaArchive called Pwned cracked Startisback and distributes it on his own


Some guy "Тихий", which means "The Silent One" in Russian, made a program that natively enables the Start Menu on Windows 8 RTM.

This is not my program, and I don't develop it.

Pwned is the username of this guy. I can't see any claims that he wrote the patch.

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