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I manually copied npswf32.dll to the flash directory. But this did not work I had to remove flash totally and then I had to install flash 10 for IE and then I copied npswf32.dll to the flash directory.

Which version of Flash 10 for I.E did you install? and when you copied the npswf32.dll where did you copy it from as a matter of interest?

I have 10,3,183,10 installed for I.E 6 is that the latest that can be used for I.E6?

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I did an uninstall first just like I did before I did when I wanted to install Installed

flash fersion for ie.

It is a little strange flash version 10,3,183,10 did not work for me. Only flash fersion for ie worked.

I copied NPSWF32.dll 11,2,202,233 from a flashdrive and I renamed it to NPSWF32.dll. And copied it to


NPSWF32.dll did not work version 10 for IE worked. Strange because I did the same when installing

and it worked. Then I copied NPSWF32.dll to the plugin directories of kmeleon, opera and firefox and it worked.

I think the registry keys where deleted when I uninstalled flash.

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