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Gena is an extremely flexible PE1 project which uses Explorer as shell, supports SATA/IDE drives (thanks to DriverPacks), USB devices, and many other features and tweaks. Gena builds from a Windows™ XP/2003 Install CD.

Features of Gena:

  • Gena uses saydin77 Builder Core (the best ever), which is the first opensource, first multi-architecture, first multi-language supporting core. Gena supports all multi-language sources (e.g., Arabic, Chinese, English, Greek, Japanese, Hebrew, Turkish, etc.). Supported combinations of architecture and service packs are: XP-x86-SP3 (Adviced), XP-x86-SP2, 2k3-x86-SP2, 2k3-x86-SP1, XP/2k3-x64-SP2, XP/2k3-x64-SP0.
  • By default, Gena boots fine with 96 MB available RAM (128 MB advised). Of course, RAM requirement can be easily lowered with some techniques (but we do not believe today’s users have PC with lower than 96 MB available RAM). Depending on which script selections are made and how many apps are included, Gena builds at around ~60 MB with full mass storage driver support. Using WimBoot Gena builds at around ~30 MB, which makes for easy and quick booting (esp. PXE booting conditions).
  • Gena is fully opensource on PE1 building steps, including tweaks, with all credits referenced correctly.
  • Profile handling is now significantly improved, with all localised names able to be utilised.
  • More up-front and organised “Basic” level scripts which allow for easy setting of important build options.
  • Four Backup/Restore scripts have been added to substantially simplify rebuilding the project from a given state and/or stage.
  • Boot time has been greatly improved in most cases due to the addition of new scripts which unmount floppy drives at early boot (thanks to Blue Life).
  • “Adjunct”-type scripts have been relocated for organisation.
  • “Component” scripts have undergone the following improvements:
  • Pre-Build Shortcut creation now done perfectly helping to boot faster (without requiring fix-after-boot workarounds that cause delays). (Thanks to Galapo and The Great Au3 team)
  • Gena now explicitly supports multi-boot scenarios with provision made by way of “OtherOS” organisation à la PE2/3 (script level 7) in conjunction with BootsectorPE script.

Many, many thanks to ALL who have contributed so far!

We hope you like Gena as much as we do!

Gena Homepage: http://Gena.cwcodes.net/
Gena Home forum: http://TheOven.org

Gena Packages: http://Gena.cwcodes.net/Compressed/
Gena Hot Files Server: Gena.cwcodes.net

Gena Hot Files can be obtained through the winbuilder Download feature using the following address: Gena.cwcodes.net

Alternatively, a (generally up-to-date) archived of Gena can be obtained here.

An index of plugins may be found here.


Galapo & Lancelot.

Ps. Some screen shots from various Themed Language builds of Gena:

Gena English Small Picture:


Full sized Pictures:
Gena English
Gena English x64 with WOW64
Gena Japanese
Gena ChineseHongK
Gena Turkish
Gena Russian
Gena Arabic
Gena Greek

Edited by Lancelot_Real

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Simply the best PE1 project :wub: , thank you very much :thumbup

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Hi All,

Gena zip archives updated :>:>.

with lots of fixes and a lot improvmets

(Thanks to Saydin77, JFX, BlueLife, Nikzzzz, Olegpov, Acus, JonF, Amalux, Arvy and all.....)

After initial release at mid-march, with hardwork, Gena come to a state of Solid-Stability now.

Some improvments.

Windows Theme support now available (Thanks to JFX)

We now have experimental (& expandable) Mass Storage x64 plugin waiting contributions...

REAL Pre-Build Shortcut creation now done perfectly helping to boot faster. (Thanks to Galapo, JonF)

And many more available with new plugins and more options


Some new plugins:

WinNTSetup2 (JFX)

LetterSwap (Nikzzzz)

SwapAdd (Olof)

DnsJumper (BlueLife)

RegCPE (BlueLife)

BootIce (Pauly)


ps: pictures at post1 also updated

Also, After long term discussions, zip archive distribution method Settled :>, we have 3 zip distribution:

Gena Meal: Main Distribution, You can easly get a Rescue CD with a small set of useful applications along with ALL available Gena build options.

Gena Appetizer: A VERY Small build to demonstrate "Basics" of Gena (Light Gena). If you are very new user and want to figure out what Gena based on, try this baby.

Gena Sweets Addon: An addon to Gena Meal containing many additional and useful Application plugins you would like to use.

more info here

Download links of Gena Archive(s) can be found here


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Hi All,

Gena ZIP distributions updated

Forum: http://TheOven.org/index.php?board=7.0

Package Page: http://Gena.cwcodes.net/Compressed/

As usual with latest dps package, ready to boot, with lots of enhancements and updates

Significantly, Better Applications for Rescue/Partition support, added Wifi Stuff,

Started Development of Macro Library,

OutOfBox ready with Yomi and Yomi-Gena

Developed Extensive Share with Win7PESE and Win8PESE


Improvments never ends :thumbup

Happy New Year :angel

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Hi All,

Gena ZIP distributions updated
Forum: http://TheOven.org/index.php?board=7.0
Zip Package : http://Gena.cwcodes.net/Compressed/

(get the Meal to start with ;) )


Many improvements since 2 year on current topic,

Recently creating a plugin becomes very easy,

FAQ topic developed highly  http://theoven.org/index.php?topic=834.0

And many updates and improvements inside Gena ....

Gena alive with being only PE1 that continue development, having unique features, building is easy without trouble :)



Significantly Gena works nicely with modern hardware of 2015,

 Boot fast and reliable

Improvements never ends :thumbup

Happy New Year :angel

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