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  1. My first website design

    Hi Guys I want to thank you so much for your feedback. There are awesome point for improvement!! Im still learning but the stated points are allowing me to go away and learn each respectively and gain a greater understanding as my knowledge is basic at the moment. Again thank you for taking the time and effort to look and point me in the right direction. Jamie p.s the forum i just happended to google free forum and it came up. The graphic was the only 1 i had available at the time but i can sort and update now and i have no idea why it says happy christmas. that was already there when the forum was set up lol. Ill have a look and try to remove
  2. My first website design

    Hey guys just thought id show you my first website design. Its not an IT related website but i was very happy at the setup. Please comment if you like www.lifesupportmedics.com thanks jamie p.s im setting up a tech blog shortly too
  3. Gena

    this is great
  4. silent install java 6 upt. 23

    Heres what ive been using with it /s /v"/qn IEXPLORER=1 JAVAUPDATE=1 EULA=1 Dont think the " needs to be in there but it still works for me. you can change IEXPLORER for FIREFOX. The 1's just say accept eula, install for IE and enable update
  5. Hi guys. I personally use ketarin and wpi. They work v well together. E.g wpi is set to install vlc media player silently and i have this set in my installs programs folder. I have ketarin in root directory and i have it set to check every prog in my wpi install folder and if theres an update it will auto download and replace that file to keep all my installers uptodate Hope that helps
  6. computer analysis

    Hi guys heres an update that hopefully fixes the sp3 issue in xp and adds hardware info too http://www.2shared.com/file/ldF-TXoB/comp_analysis_v_new_code.html Check it out
  7. HI Thanks for you assitance geej. Ive got that code already which is great but it only works in xp as those reg flags are not there in vista or 7. Thanks again Jamie
  8. Hi thanks for your input. Theres a few good suggestions to get me started. Im going to write this in autoit as a self check to ensure its enabled on the comp as part of my analysis package. jamie
  9. computer analysis

    Hi Thanks for th heads up. im working from windows 7 so its a pain testing for sp3. im waiting to install on virtual machine. Once i get sorted ill update. shouldnt be too long. jamie
  10. Hi guys im trying to find some code that can access WMI or the registry to see if system restore is active or not? Im trying to write a program to self check. Thanks jamie
  11. computer analysis

    Hi guys ive been working on this program. Its probably in alpha release right now so just testing but if you wanna check it out the link is here comp analysis when first run it will create an ini file with locations to the installers. please amend to fit your software layout. green tick indicates its already installed or fine red cross means its not. if you wish to fix that click on the icon and it will turn to a yellow arrow then when you click fix selected it will install them. the blue icon indicates ie or mbam is installed but not latest stable version. again click on icon to install. Any problems let me know jamie
  12. Ok Thanks Ill try to write one myself
  13. [Updated] Comodo CIS & Firewall 32-Bit

    Hi Im not sure if this thread is still going but i was wondering if there was an updated version of this script to work with tthe latest version of CIS? Thanks
  14. Hi cybereye this program is brilliant. have you created any for other antivirus programs? thanks
  15. hi sorry no, not had that problem. i know it sounds strange and is prob a bit ocd but when im making a new disk i always put a fresh normal install on my pc, running along side my other os and just install the progs and tools i need, i know then that there are no corruptions or file problems and especially no viruses.