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WinNTSetup v5.2.6 / 5.3 Beta 2


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File for startup is named like for x64 bit system "WinNTSetup_x64.exe".  Does it mean that the program will not run on x32 systems ? 

Can we expect support for x32 bit systems as well ?

Windows 7x32 . :huh:

Thank you , the program is very good .

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Add MBR Repair & Backup option, Drive C Formate Only option, Add old system Parition backup option, improve Add Driver,BCD option for dual boot, Add Check ISO/WIN/ESD health option before aplying image. 

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On 10/11/2021 at 3:37 PM, JFX said:

WinNTSetup 5.0.1

- Win11: disabled buggy Mica effect
- Win11: use new font only, if system font is Segoe UI
- fixed scaling with higer system fonts
- fixed combobox flyout high for high dpi systems
- fixed wrong log line
- ini load/save dialogs remember last selection

GUI is out of proportion on Win7. Same problem with W8.1 and W10 LTSB.



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31 minutes ago, SuperKolobok said:

Please make RELATIVE not absolute paths for ISOs folder, drivers folder and reg tweaks folder.

Should be possible, if you add these lines to WinNTSetup.ini:



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WinNTSetup 5.0.2

- added command line -fat32:n
- drivers and regtweak combo display relative paths
- offline windows detection correctly identifys Windows 11

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  • JFX changed the title to WinNTSetup v5.0.2

ок, i made these settings in WinNTSetup.ini

And i get an empty field in Add Drivers for every new boot of winpe.
The field is not empty if you run WinNTSetup again without rebooting.
It might be better to make a special folder called drivers as well as for unattend files


And is it possible to make the drop-down list of all ISO files the same as for Unattended files? Let's call this folder for example - iso/distr/win... etc

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  • JFX changed the title to WinNTSetup v5.2.6 / 5.3 Beta 2
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