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WinNTSetup v4.6.5 / v5.0 Beta 3


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I guess it wouldn't be a very big problem if you decided to "reduce" the possibilites to run WinNTSetup from XP, as long as using it to install XP is still possible.

Speaking of which: I always run WinNTSetup from WinPE_SE, which of course you also have (had?) a lot of involvement in. Do you still recommend that as a platform (or even the best platform) for WinNTSetup? Or are there better alternatives? I did some testing with PE4.0 (just the standard Windows 8 PE, with XYPlorer as a shell and Autohotkey for running my most used utilities with a single keystroke, no real need for a normal shell with menu etc).

WinPE_SE is wonderful, but there may come a time to "upgrade" the base for WinNTSetup to PE4? I have no complaints at all about WinPE_SE, it's just strange that sometimes it freezes at boot time ( I always use USB), it looks like there's a problem with some processes waiting for other processes to initialize, which ends up in a freeze. A reboot/ reset usually solves this, but it would be nice to know who is waiting for who... That's the only (tiny) blemish on this perfect system!!!!

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As long WinXP is still used by some many, i'll try to keep supporting it if the workarounds are that easy.

Yes, Windows 7 or a PE3 based PE like Win7PE_SE are the recommended platform to run it.

Some goes for Windows 8 and PE4, but both of them still are under development.

Never had a freezing problem, maybe it's Grub4DOS causing it on some machines, but just a guess.

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please help

i just installed win7 pro

from an xp pe using winntsetup v 2.3

i checked [ drive letter preassignment ] and [ mount installation drive as C: ]

now i get this

red is the bootdrive, and all removable i connect shows 2 times - green

i suspect is winntsetup, even though i used the same version before

in diskpart i only see each drive/partition once


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Some questions for you

I have win7.wim with 4 Windows editions:

1 - Home Premium x86

2 - Ult x86

3 - Home Premium x64

4 - Ult x64

Install win7.wim: WinNTSetup.exe -NT6 -source:Y:\LIVE\winsetup\win7\win7.wim -syspart:C: -WimIndex:2 -tempdrive:C: -unattend:"win7\Autounattend.xml" -Sysletter:C


If I choose 64 bit edition, description on top remains 32 bit edition. Why?



Are there still no command lines keys for function "Disable automatic system Restore..." and "Turn off USB..."?

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Hi, JFX! How to integrate MassStorage drivers in Win Xp, Win 7 and Win 8 program WinNTSetup???

Hi xcv150!

Just make sure your MassStorage drivers are unpacked, the *.inf files must be available.

So just select this folder under the "Add Drivers" option and they will be integrated.

Are there still no command lines keys for function "Disable automatic system Restore..." and "Turn off USB..."?

Well, there is -DisableSystemRestore but as already told we can't have cmdline options for everything so get familiar with the ini file ;)

For the combo box, yeah reproduced. It only happens if wimindex is used in command line.

Had not thought someone would specific something as cmd parameter and try change it right after the app has started :huh:

But it's no serious problem only description is not updated.

You can use mouse wheel while the box hast focus to manually fix it for now.

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Thanks JFX! WinNTSetup drivers zip archives can process and integrate or just the drivers are unpacked, the *. Inf files???

No Zip file!

Only unpacked folder than contains the *inf files.

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  • JFX changed the title to WinNTSetup v4.6.5 / v5.0 Beta 3

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