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Windows 7 Toolkit v1.3.0.46A (2-Sep-2011)

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Since RT7 Lite looks quite dead I found this tool that has many cool options, I wonder why this haven't posted before.


  • Integrate Addons - Have your program's preinstalled when you have finished installing Windows.
  • Updates + Language Packs - Keep your Windows Image up-to-date and/or install multiple languages into your installation.
  • Drivers - Make sure all your devices work after you install Windows.
  • Theme Packs - Personalise your desktop with extra themes.
  • Gadgets - Add desktop gadgets so they are available after installation.
  • Wallpapers - Add your favourite desktop wallpapers
  • Services - Tweak your services, disable ones you dont need to get the best performance your computer can offer
  • Tweaks - A selection of 120+ tweaks are available to improve your computer performance, especially when done with Services too.

My personal favorite feature of this piece of software is that the developer is contastly fixing and adding features! You don't have to wait months lol.

Latest Version (v1.3.0.46A):


Official forum:


Latest changelog:

*NEW: Tools Manager design
*NEW: Component removal is now in All-In-One
*NEW: Silent installers can now be added via All-In-One
*NEW: Windows 7 Toolkit Guide
*NEW: Rebuild option when saving image
*NEW: Revamped Language Pack Converter
*NEW: Revamped MSP to EXE Converter (Office)
*NEW: Unattended features
*NEW: SFX Support in All-In-One Tool
*NEW: Last_Session.ini will be created with AIO Tool
*NEW: Silent Installer RunOnce design
*NEW: Update prompt screen
*NEW: USB Prep Tool now supports 'Quick' option
*NEW: Preset Manager
*NEW: Updated imagex files
*NEW: Add reg files in tweaks menu
*NEW: AIO allows IE9.exe to be integrated
*NEW: Massive memory reduction
*NEW: AIO Tweak layout
*NEW: Improved SoLoR Updates
*FIX: Closing the unmount prompt (cancelling) showed Error Unmounting Image
*FIX: Fixed errors when All-In-One could not detect DVD root
*FIX: Sometimes an error log was still written even when disabled
*FIX: Can't enable/disable features are using Component Remover
*FIX: Could not load a windows 8 image
*FIX: 'Open CMD Here tweak' fixed
*FIX: 'Open Elevated CMD Here' tweak fixed
*FIX: 'Take Ownership' tweak fixed
*FIX: WIM Manager did not always scan images correctly
*FIX: Unattended Creator (hopefully)
*FIX: Bug where WIM Manager label was empty
*FIX: ISO Maker did not work if label was larger than 12 characters
*FIX: W7T hanged at startup
*FIX: Theme Packs did not integrate properly
*FIX: Changing setup background
*FIX: CAB Retriever did not work
*FIX: Disable Drivers Autoruns tweak fixed
*FIX: Open NFO in notepad tweak fixed
*FIX: Disable Langauge Bar tweak fixed
*FIX: Tooltips flickering on Component Removal
*FIX: Component Removal showed packages twice
*FIX: When closing Options, Tools Manager showed up twice
*FIX: Missing buttons on About page
*FIX: Taskbar progress bar did not fully disappear
*FIX: Wrong format error appeared when adding addons to AIO
*FIX: 'Change Setup Background' tweak
*FIX: Memory leak involving Tools Manager
*FIX: Bug where W7T would run shutdown task multiple times
*FIX: Change Logon Background tweak
*FIX: Change Ownership tweak
*FIX: W7T did not always detect if another W7T is running
*FIX: Addons did not integrate if foreign character was in the filepath
*FIX: Unattended Creator did not show current serial as requested
*FIX: USB Boot Prep should now detect all drives
*FIX: AIO Tool crashed due to a progress bar error
*FIX: W7T won't let you mount an image in your DVD folder.
*FIX: CAB Installer will not let you close it whilst adding cab files
*FIX: Fixed registry editing so tweaks should now work
*FIX: WIM Manager will show which edition image is locked to in green
*FIX: SoLoR tool Office links did not work
*FIX: CAB Retriever did not work if directory did not exist.
*FIX: Unmount prompt now appears in front as main window
*FIX: Missing folder bug during 'Preparing Drivers...'
*FIX: Many fixes for Addon Maker
*FIX: Could not mount wim file if it had 'Read-only' attribute enabled.
*FIX: W7T installed IE Lang Pack the same way as a Windows Lang Pack.
*FIX: Running AIO Multiple times causes strange "Integrated" tab behaviour
*FIX: 'Prompt Updates' shows all updates.
*FIX: MSU files did not show support link
*FIX: AIO ProgressBar issue when selecting tweaks.
*Tweak: Remove Send Feedback tweak added
*Tweak: Disable Action Center on system tray added
*Tweak: Remove Search Pane (IE)
*Tweak: Always show menu bar (IE)
*Tweak: Set default homepage (IE)
*Tweak: Explorer Folders Separate Process
*Tweak: Word Wrap Notepad
*Tweak: Always show icons, never thumbnails
*Tweak: Force Windows 7 Media Player to run 64 bit
*Tweak: Add 'Task Manager' to context menu
*Tweak: Add Program and Features in context menu
*Tweak: Improve USB Storage Devices Performance
*Tweak: Custom Explorer Bar 1
*Tweak: 'Automatically Expand to Current Folder'.
*Tweak: Disable IE Crash Detection
*Tweak: Change the Title of Internet Explorer
*Tweak: Change the Download Directory
*Tweak: Disable Signature checking for EXEs
*Tweak: Turn On clear type
*Tweak: Full Screen mode by default
*Tweak: Turn off RSS feed discovery
*Tweak: Launch Internet Explorer in separate process
*Tweak: Disable Internet Explorer to check for updates
*Tweak: Disable Password Caching in Internet Explorer
*Tweak: Disable Tabbed browsing
*Tweak: Disable Warning on Close (Tabs)
*Tweak: Always Switch To New Tabs When They Are Created
*Tweak: When a New tab Opens
*Tweak: When a pop-up is encountered
*Tweak: GPU Rendering
*Tweak: Disable startup Sound
*Tweak: Optimize Large Second Level Cache
*Tweak: Increase File System Memory Cache Size
*Tweak: Enable MAC File Sharing
*Tweak: Show Drive Letters First
*Tweak: Disable NTFS Encryption
*Tweak: Disable Bandwidth Limit
*Tweak: Don’t allow Windows 7 to turn off devices
*Tweak: Disable IPv6
*Tweak: Adjust Visual Styles
*Tweak: Processor Scheduling
*Tweak: Disable Pagefile
*Tweak: Disable Admin Shares
*Tweak: Show All Icons on Taskbar
*Tweak: Small Taskbar Icons
*ISO Maker now remembers your last selected folder
*10% faster when integrating updates using LDR/QFE mode
*ISO Maker asks for rebuild.
*USB Prep Tool has better error catching and error logging
*W7T will close regedit before unloading logs
*If files are open when W7T tried to unmount, W7T will tell you.
*W7T will unload all mounted registry before unmounting
*Newer 'FolderBrowserDialog' for ISO Maker
*Taskbar progress goes yellow during mount/unmount
*Better boot.wim procedure during AIO (drivers/lang packs)
*Added 'Select All' on SoLoR Updates
*Apply Unattended copies Autounattend.xml to dvd root
*You can now save/load all AIO Tool lists
*Improved .WA info reading
*Windows Thin PC detection
*W7T will release unused memory each time Tool Manager loads
*USB Boot Prep uses smart scanning
*USB Boot Prep should no longer continously scan for new devices.
*WIM Manager let's you delete multiple images at once.
*WIM Manager let's you unmount multiple images at once.
*Added 'Cancel' when adding files via CAB Installer.
*Option to only use imagex x86
*Anti-virus detection.
*ISO Maker checks for free space
*Addon Maker/Integration no longer supports specific windows build detection
*SoLor Updates now show progress bar

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  • 2 months later...

Hey v1.0.1 build 7 BETA is out. I converted it to C# I have opened up a request thread too so if you have any ideas, let me know :)

I have mentioned it on MSFN before but the moderators removed it as used to contain wimfltr files.

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New version of this software was released :D. Check it out guys, let's support this tool, looks more promising than any other in my personal opinion.

This should be sticky.

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Perhaps beacuse we have 7Lite which can do alot more then just that. But im not sure of it although the toolkit seems interesting i never fully tried it yet.

Yeah RT7lite is also a good tool but ben is not getting time I guess and the last version has some bugs, I am also waiting for the latest version of RT7lite but its release is getting delayed.

I would try this one.

I had to trim my windows 7 Ultimate sp1 with vlite as I was getting plenty of problems with RT7lite.

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Hey v1.0.1 build 7 BETA is out. I converted it to C# I have opened up a request thread too so if you have any ideas, let me know :)

I have mentioned it on MSFN before but the moderators removed it as used to contain wimfltr files.

I wonder, is the tool capable of creating unattneded.xml for multiboot OS (x86 and x64)?

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So anyone can comment which one is better? I haven't touch this lite things since XP days. Unlike nlite which was a great and only tools to choose from, now there are much more.

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I wonder, is the tool capable of creating unattneded.xml for multiboot OS (x86 and x64)?

At this time I think not software can do that, but W7T can do an Autounattend.xml!

v1.3.0.30 can do that when it's released, just select "AnyCPU" in the list :)

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