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  1. thanx dosprobie...will give a try i'm using Windows Download Integrator and drivers from my windows 7 x64
  2. Hi everyone, I'm having problems when integrating drivers from my win 7 x64 in to my win 8 x64 pro, even i used forced unsigned. The problem is, when installing windows 8 x64 all goes well untill the last stage, the system crashes. anyone has work ground for this?
  3. hi, are u running as administrator? u coud also try to xcopy and then remove the shortcuts...good luck
  4. @ekttob, the new beta still don't detect waik after u restart, u still have to point out the location. i wondering if u people have fixed this? so many betas and still no fix...what's going on? i'm running win 7 x64 sp1
  5. yes, the updates for xp dutch can be found here http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewforum.php?f=10&sid=6232e902d68c2b91d17b6707369e8813'>http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewforum.php?f=10&sid=6232e902d68c2b91d17b6707369e8813 or http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/
  6. link works now...thanks Anyway, i still have a error when trying to open win 7 x64 sp1 image see image
  7. hi, first thanx for greating this tool. the progarm still can't find waik on my win 7 x64 sp1 i have pointed at -->program files\windows aik\ even i choose osdimg and image, still no luck. i have choosen ia64 and tried am64 i have also vlite wimfilter installed
  8. have you look at your autounattend.xml? have tried rt 7 lite? http://www.computerfreetips.com/Windows-7-tips/enable-disable-firewall.html
  9. well, i hope u get the answers......... i have used the update folder. have tried office slipstreamer? there 2 versions, one made by ryanvm.net/ and slipstream, just google around. good luck

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