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  1. If disk is 512 bytes logical sector, can't I make it bootable for installation, I have already told there are no data in the disk, I can format it with 4kb sector, would that solve my problem? And please guide me how can I make it 4kb disk? My objective is to have a bootable partition for installation and I can experiment with it.
  2. I have recently purchased a 4TB HDD recently and I want to make one of its partition bootable, so that I would be able to install windows directly from placing installation files in that partition and then boot from that partition to install windows. I tried with YUMI but it could not made it bootable. My laptop has UEFI, I have partitioned my 4TB HDD on my Windows 10 laptop so the partition are GPT and sector size is 4kb. There is no data in my HDD so I can experiment with my HDD without worrying about loss of data.
  3. Hi guys, I am not sure if you have noticed or not, but there are no "Winrar" option in the context menu of windows 10, I tried everything. Checked @ Options>Settings>Integration>Integrate Winrar into shell, also changed "Context menu items" still no options in "Context menu", can I do something about it. I have upgraded my Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 10 Home.`
  4. As far as I know they are giving free upgrade to Windows 10 from earlier version of Windows, then what does mean? If license is not saved then I have to purchase the license for Windows 10, then where is the free upgrade?
  5. So upgrade is the only way? And can I upgrade my Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 10 Home using official iso from MS and save my license as well?
  6. Hi guys, I am on Windows 7 Home Premium OEM version but it has hell lot of useless stuffs, I tried to uninstall those, still my lappy is slow, so can I clean install Windows 10 Home and I activate it with Windows 7 license? If it can be done plese let me know how can I do this?
  7. Can't we rule out hardware fault as my ctrl+c, ctrl+v and ctrl+tab are working fine. Is this something to do with this article: http://www.microsoft.com/appliedsciences/AntiGhostingExplained.mspx, though I am unable to understand the problem properly and does it mean, I have to replace my keyboard? Edit: Good news guys, I was experimenting with the virtual keyboard of the above mentioned link. Primarily it didn't work then I pressed ctrl+page up this combination was working but ctrl+ page down was not working so I pressed page down key a little hardly suddenly it started working and then when I tried ctrl+Home and ctrl+end, these combinations are also started working, I don't went right but all is fine now. Thanks for all your replies.
  8. What do you mean by I am not making any progress, I have been struggling with this problem since very long, as I mentioned I have tried almost everything I can. I have tried Fn+left ctrl and left shift, nothing is happening Now regarding the driver for Fn key, here is a twist, my lappy came with Windows 7 Home Premium with all the driver and sony application installed and that time everything was working fine then I have upgraded my OS to Ultimate (after taking backup of Home Premium I did a clean install) then also everything was working fine its only during the monsoon the keyboard started giving me trouble, earlier my pages were scrolling down by itself now that problem is solved (I guess that was because of the excess moisture in the atmosphere) now also some times my pages start scrolling down by itself. Mind it I have a backup of my Home Premium as well and when I tried to restore the backup, left ctrl+end and other combination still not working. Now I have Ultimate but the problem with this OS when I install the driver of Fn key it start giving me msg "battery is not compatible with the lappy or not connected properly, click ok to hibernate your system and connect your battery properly" when I click ok my lappy goes into hibernation. So finally I had to remove that driver.
  9. Well I am not sure is the the right place to ask but I couldn't find better place than this. Ok I have Sony Vaio VPCEB3FTX gifted to me by US based friend (I am using it in India). I have a very strange problem, My "left ctrl+End" and "left ctrl+Home"combinations are not working but " my right ctrl is working in both the combinations. Similarly left Shift + End combination is not working but Shift + Home combination is working. There is one twist as well, when I use "Left ctrl+C or left ctrl+v they are working fine, means ctrl key itself is not faulty. And all those problem is with left ctrl and left shift only right ctrl and right shift keys are working fine most of the key combination, I am not sure if this is a hardware issue or some thing else. What I have tried till date: 1. Reinstalled my OS 2. Reinstalled my drivers 3. Updated my OS as well as Drivers If anyone of you can help me, I would be grateful.
  10. Mey mate, the cmd actually ask for the product key for backing up the activation. So which product key should I use here, the one which is on the back of the laptop or the one which is in the installed OS?
  11. Thanks guys for all your help, but I have a question for all of you, I have updated my Home Premium from SP0 to SP1 does this update change the product key, as the product key I have on the back of my lappy is different from that of the installed OS? I have already validated from MS webiste and my OS is genuine. Is there any possibility of some error from Sony's side itself. I mean they might have pasted wrong sticker of product key on the back of my lappy. I have accessed product key of my installed OS from This application and it is different from the one I have on the back of my laptop. @ MaxXPSoft are you trying to say that the one on the back of the laptop is not the product key which is used for Activation?
  12. Cool, I now have a file called "pkeyconfig.xrm-ms" of some 800kb is it. Can you be so sure about this backup? I mean can I now download the Home Premium SP1 directly from MS site and install the OS then use that cmd to restore my activation without any problem?
  13. Hi guys, I have Vaio laptop and it came with preinstalled Windows 7 Home Premium, now I wish to backup my genuine license of Windows 7 Home Premium so that I can use the same license if I wish to reinstall my OS. Actually I am now planning to download Home Premium SP1 from the MS site itself and then use my backuped license to activate my reinstalled Home Premium. When I bought my lappy it came with Windows 7 Home Premium SP0, so can I use the same bakuped license to active Windows 7 Home Premium SP1, downloaded from MS? I just want to same some space by removing the recovery partition and at the same I wish to have a backup of my genuine license. Currently I am using Acronis True Image to backup the entire C drive but it also require hell lot of space, in my case it require something around 12-15 gb. Please help me guys.
  14. You can put that bat file or its shortcut in the startup folder, it will run automatically on first logon.
  15. No need for WAIK. f you are running Win 7 then this is all that is needed to mount boot.wim Thanks mate, I forgot. But DISM works slower than imagex, I rather like to use WAIK for Vista it's really lightening fast.
  16. How to edit boot.wim file? You would require WAIK, mount the boot.wim and then edit the required dll.
  17. Some Graphic drivers actually install in User folder and sysprep actually clears entire user folder so your driver might be getting deleted during sysprep, this might be the reason for resolution problem, I am not sure but I have encountered similar problem with Intel HD Graphic Driver and finally I had to use the silent install method to integrate Graphic driver.
  18. http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/8158-gdism-eldi-java-and-net/page__st__20#entry84650
  19. Use Autoit commands with SW_HIDE flag, I use the same for hiding cmd window.
  20. Now I understand, I guess you need to use the double backslash for setting theme registry as the default registry is like this: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Themes] "Drop Shadow"="FALSE" "Flat Menus"="FALSE" "SetupVersion"="10" "InstallTheme"="C:\\Windows\\resources\\Themes\\aero.theme" "InstallVisualStyle"="%ResourceDir%\\themes\\Aero\\Aero.msstyles"
  21. I guess you need to change the registries in preinstall environment, so only I insisted you to mount the wim, load the registry hives and then make the necessary changes. Secondly the msstyle files are the files which contains png files of theme and metadata. You can find this file in the "%Windir%\resources\themes\Aero" and default name is "Aero.msstyle" Ok, if you only want a default aero theme that too without wallpaper, just delete the wallpaper in the Aero folder and "%windir%\web\wallpaper" I think this would work for you.
  22. Please post your registry setting and name of your custom theme and name of msstyle as well, I will try to help you. And I wonder why didn't you directly keep the theme in the themes folder by mounting the install.wim instead of using OEM folder? BTW how did you set the registry?
  23. I think you should use WinKit and set your custom theme as default and then try to install the graphic driver with setupcomplete.cmd, alternative you can also run the registry file just after the installation of your graphic driver, I mean put the command to run the registry for theme in the setupcomplete.cmd itself. What I do.................. I set my custom theme as default theme with WinKit and then install my graphic driver with setupcomplete.cmd, works perfectly for me. As I said you can also mount your Install.wim and then load your registry hives and make the necessary changes for theme and then unload the hives and unmount the wim with committing changes, it would set your custom theme as default theme and then install your graphic driver wherever you want, you might have to put reboot command to activate aero effect if you chooses to install your graphic driver on first logon.

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