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  1. Holy moly, 13 years has passed already?! It sure been a long time, It will be missed by so many users out there!
  2. Take a look at Anarethos OEM Recovery over at MDL Forums. There are other software out there to make it easier. I bet Acronis trueimage has its own solution.
  3. To download? It downloaded when I clicked the text.... Why would you want to remove it? Its an awful thing to do:) And its not possible. PS. 7c hasnt been updated for years.. Its shut down basically.
  4. It woudnt be hard to mount an image, import updates from a directory, dismount, repeat and extract/compress;) There are tools out already.
  5. Holy shiet! The great Nuhi is back:D
  6. Unfortunate:/ I was looking forward to see this project getting updated, developing into the best software.
  7. Not really but you can press ctrl+shift+f3 to enter audit mode yourself.
  8. There are no real russian updates, they're all english beacuse youre OS is basically english.
  9. Stop spamming this forum and MDL.. Several threads about the same subject: How to integrate language pack.. Ive told you to do some kind of search at first. You havent taken a look in the unattended forum? You havent searched for "integrate language pack windows 7" like I told you right?
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