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Which Optical Mouse for Windows 98 SE?


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Is any recent optical mouse recognized by Win98?

Most of them are coming without driver today.

For instance, my PC was featured with an old Microsoft Explorer Optical Mouse with Intellipoint 3.0 installed.

Last Intellipoint drivers are not compatible with Win 9x (Not sure, but it seems that compatibility was broken after 5.0, or maybe even after version 4.12).

Does those drivers needed only for additional buttons & settings, or necessary for the mouse to work?

May it help something, if I buy MS stuff, Logitech or anyone else?

Additionaly, is it better to use the PS/2 port or USB for such (slow) configuration?

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The last time I found myself in the same position I bought 2 optical mice brand name being TECHNIKA, the first one lasted about a year or two when the scroll button started to go wonky, so I added the second mouse and it's working as the first one did previously.

I found that after attaching the mouse windows asked for the 98 CD, of which I had to browse for a driver and it seemed to work from then on.

I believe it's attached as a HID Compliant mouse.

Not sure if TECHNIKA do this particular model any longer...TKOPTM2

Try a cheap one out of Asda, Tesco or wallmart.

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Any USB mouse will work, just the buttons will be the problem.

I had a Microsoft Intellimouse Optical (White top, red bottom, 5 buttons and wheel) and was using it happily.

A friend lent me an MS Laser Gaming Mouse 6000 which the last Win98 driver didn't work with, but I found I could just pick my old mouse to set the functions for buttons 4 and 5 still :)

Also, there are a few universal mouse utils floating around which are specifically written for configuring extra buttons and axis' which may work.

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I use a Microsoft Intellimouse Optical, too. However I do so using the PS/2 adapter and use the great Kensington MouseWorks (v. 6.11) to program the buttons and chording (two buttons at the same time) clicks (it only works for PS/2 mouses, though, since it'll recognize it's not a Kensington mouse [and refuse to work] if you try to use it with a USB mouse).

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I've finally bought the recent MS Comfort Mouse 4500 (wired [i didn't knew if a wireless mouse would be recognize easily], USB only, BlueTrack)

and a MS Wired Keyboard 600 (USB only also).

They installed and work fine, Windows has found all drivers at once.

My previous drivers MS Intellipoint version 4.0 didn't recognized the mouse, that's why I uninstalled them but I was unable to get installed any newer version of MS Intellipoint or IntelliType (4 or 5).

So, I don't use the additional buttons.

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After reading your post I decided I had better get a few extra spare mice for my Win 98SE notebooks. I found this very cheap USB Optical 3 Button wired mouse at Amazon. It is only $4.99 with free shipping included. It has a long cord to reach from the right side of your computer to the left side, as is the case for where my USB port is. Some of the reviews are negative, mostly people dropping the little critter ... but there are positive reviews also. I just got mine today and am using it now. Very satisfied for a spare and may use it everyday. I can see it breaking if dropped on a hard floor from some height. It is listed on the box to work with Win 98/2000/Me/NT/XP/Vista/Win7 ... I may get a couple extra at this price but so far it works very good. Had to slow it down a little in the Control Panel/Mouse folder. Of course, maybe it will only work for a week or two but I will use it heavy everyday next week.

Black 3-Button 3D USB 800 Dpi Optical Scroll Mice Mouse w/Blue & Red LEDs For Notebook Laptop Desktop


There was also another USB Optical wired mouse that I also ordered, had to pay shipping but many people said good things about it. Decided to get that one also. However, when I ordered from just a few days ago the price was $3.99 + $3.99 shipping ... today the price is $9.35 + shipping (unless you get 3 for free shipping) ... pretty big price jump from Sept 8th. I am thinking it is very popular with more people ordering the thing with the good reviews. However, anyone that does buy from Amazon knows that the prices change constantly. It could drop back to the old price next week or tomorrow.

Inland USB Optical Mouse (Black)


Hope this might be of some help ...

*** Just noticed that someone is selling that $4.99 USB mouse for $3.99 with free shipping. Reviews were good about shipper and the item. Look under the $4.99 price and you should see a price of $.01 New. Prices all over the place but there is a $4.99 and then the $3.99 price. They are the cheapest compared with the others.

Recent Feedback:

5 out of 5: "this mouse is great! not only is it lightweight, but it's colorful! i get lots of compliments all the time!"

Date: September 10, 2010 Rated by Buyer: Carlos J.


... Just wanted to add one last post about that $4.99 USB Optical mouse. I see Amazon has switched companies around on the link I posted earlier. The new company is still selling the mouse for $4.99 but also with a shipping charge now. If you look a little further down the page you will see a few other companies listed ... WOWparts is the company that was listed here last week. Their price is now $5.99 but still with free shipping and I see the one seller is still selling a $3.99 mouse with free shipping. That's the thing with Amazon, prices are always changing and the sellers also. Maybe no one is really interested but I thought I should clear a few things up.

... This is my last post (09-14) on this $4.99 USB Mouse ... I see Amazon has WOWparts as the main dealer again at the $4.99 price with free shipping. It's unreal how the prices and sellers change at Amazon every day or two.

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For the heck of it, I plugged in my Arc Mouse (my mouse of choice) into my Presario 3020 running 98SE. It detected it and works fine. Scroll wheel doesn't scroll, but I imagine I could find a way to make it work if I cared. It's wireless, btw.

Wireless vs wired doesn't matter, CharlesF, as the PC isn't concerned with that - that's all a matter of the equipment in the mouse and transceiver.

As for wireless keyboard, the Arc Keyboard is recognizable as a standard USB keyboard so that it can work with devices such as the X360, PS3, etc. - so it would undoubtedly run on 98SE as well just fine and it's wireless too.

There are also older PS/2 wireless devices that were around back when 98SE was still supported.. I used to have one back in 2000 or so, a set - they ate batteries for breakfast, though, heh.

There's even a few serial wireless devices - my Presario 3020 has a Logitech Mouseman Cordless that came with it, and the receiver is built into the base. It's hooked up via internal serial header and is recognized as a serial mouse until you install the drivers (doesn't function as a serial mouse without the drivers, but point is it's serial and 98SE and wireless..).

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All wired mice [laser/optical, mechanical/ball, USB, PS/2 etc] made within the last 15 years should be recognized and work properly under all Win98/ME/newer OSes without special drivers.

Mice I've used under Win95, 98, 98SE + ME throughout the years (wired only):

- Goldtouch ergonomical Analog Mouse [PS/2]

- Good Systems Optical Laser Pro [PS/2 + serial] [1st laser mouse ever sold as a consumer product back in ~ 1996-97 ;-)]

- Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 1.0a [PS/2 + USB]

- Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0 [PS/2 + USB]

- Microsoft Optical Mouse Blue [PS/2 + USB]

- Razer Viper [uSB]

- Logitech Trackman Wheel [uSB + PS/2]

- Logitech G5 v1 [uSB]

- Logitech G5 v2 (extra button) [uSB]

- Logitech G9X [uSB]

None needed extra/3rd party drivers, they were all recognized and worked properly with default/built-in drivers.

Of course, some extra buttons/functions cannot be accessed without manufacturer custom drivers, but basic buttons/wheel functions should work ok.

I have no experience with wireless mice.

Right now I'm using a Logitech G9X v2, and it is the best mouse I've ever used. Period.


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