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  1. Slight tangent: My brother has also been having RAM issues, but we have discovered that it seems to be due to the Zalman heatsink! Have you heard of this before?! I stumbled over a single forum post while googling that mentioned loosening the heatsink screws by half a turn can fix RAM errors when using Zalman coolers with custom brackets on CPUs with integrated memory controllers... and it seems to have worked!
  2. Well, I confess I didn't go as far as taking a dremel to the contacts
  3. Yeah, that was the first thing I did; Didn't make any difference at all - Same errors in the same place, which was why I figured the RAM was bad. Also why I found it so utterly bizarre that it went away Anyway, we replaced both modules (RAM is so cheap these days!) just to be sure, but that's gotta be one for the books! Had a few possible theories; Most plausible one so far is that some moisture somewhere was causing the intermittent fault, and the 2 days of hammering evaporated it
  4. Summary: Bad RAM suddenly 'healed' after long memtest; Theories?! Okay, so a friend was complaining their laptop kept crashing; They'd be doing something then weird lines would appear on the screen, then crash. Classic bad RAM symptoms on systems that use integrated graphics. So to be sure, ran memtest and yup many errors. I think I had a phone call or something then as, for some reason, I went away and forgot about it. 2 days later I remember to check it - It's been running for near enough 2 days at this point and despite racking up 90,000 errors and many fails, I noticed with interest that i
  5. Update for anyone who wanted some closure: It seems, unlikely as it may be, that the problem lies with this XP disc after all! We did a fresh install onto the spare HDD from an activation-less VLK disc and safemode works properly! Annoyingly performing a rebuild install on his existing disk didn't have the same effect, so it looks like he's got the long painful process of a full rebuild ahead of him if he wants it fixed... Props to jaclaz for the hind about the media; Didn't even occur to me the install media might be the cause!
  6. Annoyingly but predictably, my X121e's F5521gw wouldn't work in the X230; Damned BIOS lock wouldn't even let the lappy boot (Why do they do this!?) However, was able to manually download an older driver from http://download.lenovo.com/ibmdl/pub/pc/pccbbs/mobiles/g1wo07ww.exe and that has at least stopped the WWAN from crashing when I access the Lenovo Wireless Connection Status or Access Connections' "Mobile Broadband Settings" tab. Everything still appears as Unknown or Unnamed Network but it works so I'll take it! Edit: Linefeeds! Omnomnom
  7. Yeah, the text modes work okay, you can even see the Windows logo during boot up - It's just when it switches graphics mode for Safe Mode then BLAM "Out of Range" Really bizarre and totally nonsensical! If I hadn't seen it for myself I'd never have believed it! I have no idea how to fix it as we can't duplicate it in e.g. Linux, but we plugged in a new HDD and tried installing XP onto it and the same thing happened - After the first reboot where you have to start clicking Next a lot, the screen just goes into the Out of Range mode. Might try swapping PSU and RAM out, see if that makes any diff
  8. Recently got my hands on a cheap Thinkpad X230 to replace my X121e - Very cool system and so much more powerful! However I'm having trouble with the WWAN module; Does anyone else here have one? The problem I'm having is this: The GPS and card appear fine until you put a SIM in. With the SIM inserted, you can connect, but instead of showing EE or T-Mobile it displays Unnamed Network. More annoyingly, if you open Access Connections or any kind of Status utility to check signal strength etc. the card stops working and actually disappears from Device Manager and Network Connections, where it keep
  9. Hey all, Got a bizarre problem here; Got a friend who's running XP but they can't get into safe mode because the screen just displays "Out of Range" when you boot into it. Tried it on a few other LCD monitors, all have the same problem. Now, Out of Range usually means the refresh rate or resolution is too high for the monitor, which isn't hard since LCDs have a pitiful range compared to CRTs, but even so all LCDs should be able to handle safe mode's VGA! Anyway, dragged out an ancient 17" CTX CRT behemoth just to be thorough and lo and behold, the Safe Mode screen! But instantly you can see th
  10. I was wondering what the feasibility of having it hosted/mirrored here or on people's webspace? I'd be willing to run it on mine! (Albeit with lots of instruction!!)
  11. THANK YOU! I thought it had died again, esp. when the URL went to some domain hijacker advert site Is this just temporary? I'm worried they might fall foul of something stupid like what happened when it was on site90...
  12. Hehe, yeah, it does look a bit odd but it's so comfortable to hold! The metal casing has such a beautiful finish to it too. It's a very well made bit of kit (Too well made apparently ) Alas the instructions have the same problem as the ones I had found; It doesn't say how to release the clips! I lifted that part but it is held rather firmly in place by the clips still and, as you say, I don't want to break them! (Zod2s are rare as heck now so I can't replace it if I break it!) Annoyingly I can't even see where the clips would be in the open pic in step 3! I think I will have to study and probe
  13. This is a bit of a long shot since I suspect there aren't many PalmOS users here but if anyone knows how to open up a Tapwave Zodiac 2, please give hints! I unscrewed the back but it's still held in by something and I put enough force on it to slightly bend the metal back cover but it still didn't budge! It's amazing the battery has lasted this long...!
  14. Yeah, I find I sometimes have to restrict it as it seems it can't handle mixed environments very well at all; Microwave ot 11b device comes on and BAM WiFi down the toilet I'd love an X220 (esp. if it had a better graphics chip) as it's a 'proper' Thinkpad unlike the x121e, but it's just too darn expensive
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