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Advice on weird unknown device issue on all windows 7 builds

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I have made a universal image via sysprep for my Windows 7 machine. I have tried it on many different hardware types and all the hardware gets found. Here is the problem, I always get an unknown device on every different hardware model I try the image on, I look under hardware id's in device manager and it's ALWAYS something called dfmirage. If I uninstall via device manager it never comes back. Why is this thing show up in my universal image?, has any had this problem. It's driving me crazy.

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Gom Player, and vlc, do you know anyway of getting rid of it in the device manager without having to manually remove it from the device manager after imaging?

This driver appears to be a virtual device driver that is included in some video codec packs. Did you include any software into your master image?

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You could use deacon from microsft to remove it via the command line.








Stupid iPad and autocorrect. Yes devcon.

Strange I don't have that driver in my images maybe it makes a difference with version or install method of vnc. I don't install it as a server.

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I'd rebuild the image in a "lab" VM and check device manager before you sysprep, including hidden devices (open a cmd prompt, run "set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1", then from the same cmd prompt run "devmgmt.msc", then in device manager click view > show hidden devices. After that, scour the tree to see if it is actually installed, because I verified on a VM if I install tightvnc, I install that driver. It's not a default driver in Windows (not even an MS driver), so something in your build seems to be installing it - dfmirage actually has it's own SDK, so it is likely that you're installing something on your build that has used this.

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Sorry I didn't get a reply in before all these others. Yes there is a way to do it. Try these steps out:

1. Deploy the image.

2. Take the HwID and search the INF folder for it. The file you are looking for is OEM*.INF (where * is a number)

3. Mount your windows image

4. delete that INF file from the stored image (verify it is the same one, should be, but best to be safe)

5. Redeploy.

That SHOULD do it. I've had to do that in the past after accidently injecting the wrong drives into images. Had to find the INF name and take it out. This is the manual way, and only way to take drivers out of images if you didn't use DISM to put them in there. Also, deleting the INF will stop the device from being installed, but its support files will still be on the system but that shouldn't be a problem.

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