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The File-Checker (HFSLIPFC) for HFSLIP


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btw... probably someone can tell my why MS11-017 (and also 09-044) will be offered for RDC 5.2 on XP-SP3?

On a vanilla XP-SP3 (original CD from MS w/o any further Updates) there is RDC 6.1 inside...


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RDC7 Update is for RDC7 is not a problem by saving this update in HF folder (like downgrades)?

Yes, this is a good question.

Could you test this combination and see if the RDC7-update (in HF) will be overwritten by the installation of RDC (HFSVCPACK_SW1) at T13?

Otherwise I will do it when I have time... :)

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RDC7 Overwrites WindowsXP-KB2483614-x86-XXX.exe

Thy for your test, buddy :)

I've thought about it and I came to a solution.

1. Place the update (KB2483614) also in HFSVCPACK_SW1

2. Use my HFSLIP_POST_RDC7.cmd in HFTOOLS :D

The HFSLIP-extension HFSLIP_POST_RDC7.cmd is doing the following:

This extenstion makes it possible to handle updates for RDC7

(WindowsXP-KB969084-x86-XXX.exe) correctly, e.g. KB2483614).

Because RDC7 must be located in HFSVCPACK_SW1 (will be installed at

T13) it will override its security-update KB2483614 when KB2483614

is located in HF (will be slipstreamed).

To place KB2483614 also in HFSVCPACK_SW1 is the half solution. It

must be forced that RDC7 will be installed before it will be updated.

To force that RDC7 (KB969084) will be installed before KB2483614

(and probably further updates of RDC7) it must be renamed to

...KB0969084... (leading zero).

For this purpose place this extension into the HFTOOLS folder.

I've tested it with success! :)


PS: without HFSLIP_POST_RDC7.cmd the update will be installed still before RDC7-installation, and will be overwritten by the RDC7-installation.

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new file-checker extemsion for XP:

- Added: ...KB0969084... and ...KB969084... are equivalent now
- Added: Adobe Flash Player
- Added: HFSLIP_PRE_RDC7.cmd
- Removed: Adobe Flash Player
- Removed: HFSLIP_POST_RDC7.cmd

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thx, mimo, but you'll need to release a new ver. immediately. There's a new update being pushed by MU. can't remember the kb number right now.

edit: 2524375. Deals with possible spoofing.

Ooops, almost forgot: there's also a new version of rootsupd.exe, from march 2011.

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new filechecker-extension for XP:

- Added: Security Advisory 2524375: Certificate Revocation
- Added: Roots Certificates Update March 2011 (27.0.2195.0)
- Removed: Roots Certificates Update October 2010 (26.0.2195.0)

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