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Final ESU Updates for Windows 7 SP1 (Retired!)

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Good morning

I found this link on the net, I hope will be useful.

My link



Thanks, but i will not include unofficial updates that have not been released (or will never be released) by MS.

thanks brother.... :D

update again please.... :P

Thank you, yes i will be updating again next tuesday, as there is alot of updates coming. (At least 7 updates for x86-x64!)

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Thank you so much for the list and keeping it up to date. I am using this program along with MDT 2010 to install all updates when a machine gets imaged using WDS. It works great and saved me a lot of time downloading all the updates and patches.

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The Windows6.1-KB2487335-x64 "Important Update" gives me a Bad Pool Caller bluescreen when I try to integrate it into my WIM. It only applies to Windows Live Family so it's useless to me anyway (like a few other updates that deal with Indian rupee symbols, Canon printers, Russian/Chinese characters in Media center, etc.)

Edit: Never mind... the bluescreen issue was apparently with the Online Armor beta I was using.

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