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Se7en_UA - RunOnceEx Tester still working with Win 11 2022

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Not static. Hadn't gotten that far yet just loading them from the /GET-FEATURES > txt file 110 in features = 2 pages, as we know MS will come out with a SP and probably be new stuff.


Yes should be able to use this easily. Click the labels next to [] boxes and has a short summary on a lot of them. The help file is close, hadn't updated since Vista but Seven and Vista are close, just Seven is lot better. Start with Sample.xml and you can go from there, i give the basics to get you to partition selection, select and it will auto run. I just don't want to lose my backup drive and I dual boot so want to choose carefully there.

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Allright, my W7 box is arriving early next week, so I'll play with this :)

On a side note, can you give me rough directions where to look if I wanted to educate myself in this particular field? I might be interested in a little more than selecting components to remove.

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Did you install to a root folder like C:\Se7en_UA? I'm lazy and this won't work from Program files or any long path with spaces.

What is your OS and x86/64?

Copy the Dvd sources, Extracted as above.

Exactly where is it not working as Chester explained above

Installed at C:\

OS is x86

Already copied and donw the work upto ,ounting the image,when i tried to mount ,none of Versions are shown

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Hi Max

First time have used your app for seven. Doesn't appear that I can skip any steps after mounting an image, eg must first select an addon then drivers, then apps etc.

Is it @ all possible to select say only addons, drivers & hotfixes only for instance?

Like for instance if you wanted to do runoncex instead of the App installer? Hadn't built that into it yet

All the things changing from Vista was a major headache and then RTM changed things

You could just setup 1 application with App Installer cause right now if you want to run things in Audituser pass after you close the Applications is when it writes all the stuff to set it up for when it gets to xml

Then you can just edit the cmd files and remove the App Installer. It will allow that later on at Edit Cmd files

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you do have a folder called APPS on the root of any drive Windows will see it?

Add anything simple to a sub folder there like my Reg program Jump2reg with folder name of Jump2reg

Its simple cause its an inno setup installer

Links in my Sig

This thing is dependent on seeing the APPS folder to advance

I can see now this may be confusing and need to correct somehow

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