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  1. its simple, install it and start it, a wizard will guide you through it. Choose more ram than it does f you have it installed already.......... but wizard is not tutor me plz tutor me
  2. Installed at C:\ OS is x86 Already copied and donw the work upto ,ounting the image,when i tried to mount ,none of Versions are shown
  3. i'm frank on that i don't know how to use virtalbox I've modded Windows 7 . i want to get the installation snapshots............ Plz tutor me how to use this?
  4. @maxXPsoft thanks a lot... now i'm trying to do these stuffs.... if i faced any problem i'll post it here
  5. I'm having this doubt long ago............ Windows 7 has already integrated drivers for genuine boards and then why should we integrate driver packs for Unattended OS? Is there any need to integrate driver packs for unattended OS......?
  6. but both you didn't said about the hotfixes
  7. It's a custom update pack(post update) created by Xable....
  8. I Want to learn how to edit the boot skin ,log on skin, installation background skin....? Please help me to do these stuffs
  9. Now I'm Deploying Windows 7 and still using some popular apps to deploy better and this thread is for all other members to get suggestion from the experienced to deploy better My Suggestions #Vista_7_UA - Vista/Seven Unattended DVD XML Creator and Application Installer #Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010 (MDT) #Windows Deployment Services and all others suggestions are made a lesson to us
  10. BKR III

    What is WIHU?

    Is it discontinued???
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