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Release 6 Status


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Due to further optimisations I've been able to squeeze another few hundred KB out of the data files, bringing the internal xpize 5R6 build down to just over 16MB, over 2MB less than 5R3 despite containing so much more. Go me :)

Here's the list of minor issues that I want to finish before releasing 5R6:

  • Improving the XP-style Internet Explorer 8 toolbar icon artwork
  • Improving uninstallation
    • A couple of strings aren't localised for some reason
    • Cursor schemes aren't currently restored on uninstall
    • The current 'theme' (colors and fonts, not visual styles) isn't properly reset on uninstall

    [*]Downloadable tools will be updated

    [*]Implent the installation feedback system

...and that's pretty much it.

So gimmie a day or two.

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Hi man !!

First of all, congratulations for XPize ... What a great tool to enhance an XP CD ...

I have a question. Do you plan to include a "Vista" or a "Win 7" Look theme in a future release ?

Thanks for your reply !


PS: LePousson is currently desperately waiting for XPize5R6 :sneaky:

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Hi W3bbo.

First of all thanks for yuor great job!

Second, i've seen that u r fixing uninstall process, so 2 others things don't work properly:

1) (trivial) the icon's folder under resources folder is not deleted from uninstall process.

2) icon's type associations is not restored to the previous one after xpize's uninstallation: for all type that refers to icon's folder they remain wich the xpize's icon association that refer to the icon's folder mentioned above.

Thanks again.

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