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  1. Hi guys ! I'm quite close to finish my XP64 Unattended CD but i still get a little problem. After I apply the MUI PAck French (040c), not all the windows are correctly translated, like Right Click on Desktop/Properties where I get half and half French and english tabs. I tried to re-apply the MUISETUP.EXE but it does not change anything, except it brings back the language bar on my taskbar ... Does someone has any idea on what I should do to get a 100% FR translation ?? Thanks in advance for your reply !! LePousson
  2. LePousson

    Release 6 Status

    Hi man !! First of all, congratulations for XPize ... What a great tool to enhance an XP CD ... I have a question. Do you plan to include a "Vista" or a "Win 7" Look theme in a future release ? Thanks for your reply ! LePousson PS: LePousson is currently desperately waiting for XPize5R6
  3. Anyone might be able to help me for that ? LePousson
  4. Hi guys ! I'm currently building my own unattended XP64 DVD and I just wanted to know how to make a sysdm.cpl file that may look like this : This pic is taken from Vishal Gupta's tutorial, but I tried it and it does not work, even if all steps were completed successfully. Thanks to tell me !! LePousson
  5. Yes but, even if it gives some nice things and especially tha ability to include it in the "I386 tree" of my DVD, I would have prefered to be able to modify those windows contents (like system Properties), I mean to "re-arrange" the content like in some unattended releases of XP ... Do you see what I mean ? LePousson
  6. Thanks John for the shutdown.exe ... I'm gonna make a try today ... I just checked and when launching WPI.hta, it starts the 32Bits version of mshta.exe, which is not a problem at all. I made another WPI instance just for my software and it works perfectly. I'll be back with theresult of the try with the "John's shutdown.exe" ... LePousson
  7. I do not have any shutdown.exe but I found a shutdown.exe.mui in C:\WINDOWS\mui\FALLBACK\040c (040c is the language code in the MUI pack for XP x64) ... Perhaps you have an idea on where I can pick a "shutdown.exe" that would work under XP x64 ... I'm gonna search for it ... Waiting for your reply ! LePousson EDIT 11.40pm : I found this link to a official MS alternative to shutdown.exe. Some people says that it works great on XP64. I'm trying it now ! EDIT 00.12am : The PSShutdown thing works nice under XP X64. But I just thought that I could make a very simple shutdown.exe using the Reboot th
  8. Here is the log file of my last attempt to install ALL my packages ... I know that all the WLM 2009 lines miss a "/i" ... It was fixed right after this install attempt ! Thanks to help ! LePousson WPI_Log_2009.08.06_23.19.49.txt
  9. Hi guys ! I'm building my own XP64 Unattended DVD and I'm looking for any information to make some skinning changes to it. I already integrated some themes but I would like to make some changes to the windows contents like System Properties. I mean, something completely different than the "basic" content. Of course, I'm planning on making some changes on a lot of windows, so, if anyone has any information that may help me, feel free to reply to this topic or to send me a private message (MP). Thanks a lot ! LePousson
  10. Yes I get the same error even if I do not "modify" IE ... I tried to only install Windows Live Messenger and I got the error ... What should I do ? LePousson
  11. Hi ! I am currently building my unattended XP64 DVD and I'm using WPI 7.7 for some post-install things like some non slipstreamable hotfixes. But, after the last command is executed and completed successfully, I get an error window about that there is an error in the script i'm using, and the system asks me if I want to continue using scripts on this page. Can someone help me fixing this error because, to reboot the computer after WPI, I have to launch the TASKMGR and then choose to reboot ?? The file D:\wpi\Common\Installer.hta exists and is there (D is my CDROM Drive) Thanks in advance for
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