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Windows 7 x64 vLite "extreme removal"


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Jeronimo can you help at all with that batch file problem I was having? (It was a few pages ago, it was like help.zip)

I just need to make it a user-selection deal so all those batch files can be wrapped into an EXE file for easier use :)

I guess I'll just write a newer guide for your latest guide for now... I'll see how practical for removal_custom is for beginners, I'll make it optional maybe. Oh well thanks for all your work, I'll start work on a GUI as soon as my schedule gets sorted out. lol.

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all this posts dont have any images to simpler explains

why just dont add some images with steps so the world would be a better place :(

im waiting for this to happen ...

As soon as I update my thread with a newer tut, I was thinking about adding some Youtube videos to go with it :)

I think that all the guides available are reasonably easy to follow, though.

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hmmm theres something i really don't understand here.... you see before you do the removal cleanup, you must take ownership in every files that be going to cleanup, to do that you must use takeown and icalcs to take ownership of the files but theres no command executing the takeownship before the cleanup... so thats why i'm having an error that is access denied. So guys how do you do cleanup without taking ownership of the winsxs folder. is their any simpler way to do this?

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what is the relationship between columns in the packages.xls?

Packages, Microsoft-Windows-Client-Features-Package & Other vLite components?

i dont really see clear relationship between Desktop_Shell-GettingStarted-NoWindowsLive-Package, Character Map & Accessibility.

and whats the meaning of N-Edition? if removal is blank it means i cannot remove? vLite means i remove it in vLite? and DISM means i remove it ibn DISM?

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@mena_mon: normally I would agree, but this guide is more or less commanline stuff. It is provided as is, images will not be added

@gendouhydeist: I have performed dozens of these removal actions on 4 or 5 different builds and never did I need to take ownership of the files.

@Junior2613: you are correct, I updated the removal batch file


packages is what you get from dism

Microsoft-Windows-Client-Features-Package is a package that onvolves a lot of vLite-components

Other vlite components are those components in vLite that I can not link to a package

The 4 columns are related (per record), the last 2 need to be seen seperate

N-edition is a "European"-edition without IE, WMP and such.

Blank means I keep the packages for certain reasons (not removable, required)

vLite mean removed by vLite with my preset, dism means removed in my removal batch-file.

Hope this clears things up.

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@Junior2613: No that is no issue, the removal might be better to check if the files exists before performing the actual removal, but it is fine for me as it is.

On a side note: I do not think vLite will get a successor from nuhi as both his domains are down (nliteos.com and vlite.net).

edit: guess I was wrong, read here.

Edited by Jeronimo
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