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xpize 5 Release 4


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What's New?

  • New since XPize 4.x
    • Full x64 and XP SP3 support (including XPx64 winbrand image)
    • Internet Explorer 8 support
    • More visual styles and wallpapers
    • More bitmap styles (including Luna Element and XPize 3.x's own Energy Blue style)
    • Includes xpize Darkside (courtesy of Antonio King)
    • XP 7-Zip skin and icons
    • Numerous little things
    • Full MMC3.0 support
    • Intelligent icon patcher replaces icon subimages, rather than deleting them

    [*]New since the last release (Beta 3)

    • Numerous bug fixes
    • Better I386 support, including AMD64 support
    • Brings back the clock face bitmap (English only)
    • And fixes the System Performance control panel (English only)
    • And other little things

Known Issues

There's only a few known issues with this release which, I think, can be safely ignored:

  • Users of non-English Windows may find their shell32.dll and other files go over some undefined size limit which causes incompatibilities with some programs. If anyone has this issue it's important you let us know.
  • Localisation
    • Swedish and Simplified Chinese aren't full translations, they're missing a few strings
    • There are a few English strings that aren't localised. You will only see these under error conditions or at the end of uninstallation


    • Uninstallation has been tested, but not to the same extent as installation. During my testing on x64 it seemed to go by okay, except cursors aren't restored and your window title font won't be reset. This is easily corrected by just flipping your visual style selection on-and-off.
    • Font antialiasing settings are not restored by uninstalling. You can manually change this via the Display control panel


    • My Boot.ini classes haven't been tested on a dual-boot system. They apply the bootlogo to the default OS and assume boot.ini takes the format of the Windows XP version. If you are running a dual-boot system, report any difficulties.


As always, it requires the .NET Framework 2.0 (Click here if you're on x86, or here if you're on x64) otherwise you'll get errors about the application not starting right.

Download Link

Download xpize 5 Release 4 from the downloads page.

Let's see how many terabytes a month I'll burn through by self-hosting the file.

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cheers to the new release, xpize 5.0 !! :D !!

W3bbo pulled some late nights to get this done, so let's leave him a bit alone to rest up, shall we? ;)

(on other notes, please remember to install .NET 2.0 or later to run xpize 5.0; remember to report bugs [especially with the shell32.dll@20MB+ issues];; and probably some revisions on the website and writing up of Anolis tutorials, xpize FAQ/ documentation;; contact potential persons that can do video tuts and develop packages)

W3bbo also plans to release a tool that simplifies package development-- make sure to check in with him for more info!! :)

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Great job W3bbo! :thumbup

To localization:

There is a string which shows the version number of the package like this: "(5,4)"

It is right, that we use the comma as dicimal separator - but in versioning of software, we use the period too.

I think this is the same in other languages as well. (Is the true people?)

Then there is no possibility for selecting an *.anop or package.xml file any more.

So what is the difference between package and distribution now?

Can you please clear that up? - This will make finding the right translation easier. :)

I have to rephrase following sentence:

"An added layer of protection. Note this does not always protect against modifications made to non-Windows files under Program Files"

Could you please explain this a little more in detail?

is following right: if xpize does change something on files, which did not come with windows and they are located under program files, then the windows system restore feature will may not work?

There are some strings, which I did translate - but they are still shown in English.

Because you mentioned this above, I think I don't have to make a list for you.

Please let me know, if you could need it although.

And I did find some two strings, which I did not localize:


Select the backup directory to recover from

creating system restore point

+ alle the strings on the page, where selecting all the components is possible

I did several improvements (rephrasing strings, changing some words, so that it better fits to its purpose...) - but I did this to the latest string table, which did not include the strings from your "Leftover Translations, 8 strings that time forgot..." post.

Can you please release the most current English resx file, so that I can deliver you a perfect language file? :)


My file has the size of 23.506.432 Bytes...

- On which "incompatibilities with some program" should I look for?

- Are there some known programs, which make problems? - So that I can test them?

additional suggestion:

auto selection of the latest backup folder on uninstallation

Restart after uninstallation

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First, try to start calc.exe, as I had problems with it in Beta 3 :)

No, problems with calc. :)

I'm having this problem with the sidebar in windows explorer. Xpize 5 seems to have changed only one item, and not the others.

This should be normal. - The element with the blue border is probably the one with the focus or the standard element.

But I have another problem with the sidebar on Luna Element theme:


- the sidebar has a very big margin on the right side, wich isn't normal...

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I'm having this problem with the sidebar in windows explorer. Xpize 5 seems to have changed only one item, and not the others.

Actually that is a little known bug with the luna royal and ms's install method.

He didn't place and rename shellstyle.dll properly.

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