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How to change windows 7 setup background.

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If you're using MDT an easy way to change this would be, modifying the image called background_cli.bmp that is under (in my case):

"D:\DeploymentShare\Operating Systems\Windows 7 RC x86\sources"

I tryed to change a lots of images, but still i cant do it. Can you be more specific please?

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Adadu, sorry but I didn't understand.

Did o try to change the background_cli.bmp that is under "D:\DeploymentShare\Operating Systems\Windows 7 RC x86\sources" and didn't work out?

Best Regards,


Thx for reply, but my first mistake was the fact i tryed to modify the files using GImagex, not Microsoft Deployment Toolkit. Actually i never tryed this one. I will give it a try and come back with the results. Thx again.

L.E. Where I can find a tutorial or something for MDT?

D:\DeploymentShare\Operating Systems\Windows 7 RC x86\sources

For me it's a long way to get there... i really dont know how to use that program... maybe someone can be kind enough to teach me or give me a hint. In that matter I am really a n00b. :D

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Take a quick look here to know to get it:


On my blog you can find more information about it!


Thx for the reply, I allready taked MDK but from your links I was unable to find a tutorial or something close to. What I want to ask you (if you are kind enough) is to teach me if you have time and you are in the mood, or guide me to a tutorial, where I can learn to use that MDK (I'm dumb, I know). :D

All I wanna know is the steps I must do to change install screen, from that boring blue with... birds and stuff, to a dear one ( a MacOSX one hihi ).

Kind regards,


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No problem Adadu, I help you has I can...

First of all...take a look at this webcast:


MDT 2008 webcast are good source for learning to becausar there aren't a lot of changes between them, although MDT 2008 isn't available for Windows 7.

Take a look because the webcasts helped me a lot.

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You need to edit boot.wim\sources\spwizimg.dll Bitmap 517 and 518 with a resource editor.

OK, I did that but still... there is a problem.. Take a look...

What did I do wrong? What pic I have to replace to change the blue image. THX.

L.E. After first restart, I don't have my image anymore... is the default blue image. Again... what did I do wrong?

Can anybody make a list of the files i should modify?

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