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  1. You recommand me to use an un'updated kit? For me there is no point in doing that. My previous version was updated until November I think... My main interests was to rebuild from scratch my customised version. But thank you very much for your sugestion. Regards, Adadu
  2. Now I reinstall a clean version on my laptop. I will come back with the results. Thx for your help. L.E. Unfortunatelly, it seems that I am not gonna succed that operation. I just finished installing a clean version of 7 on my laptop and i get the same error. I don't know why. I did it exactelly as you descrived, an unmodifyed OS, WAIK 7 from Microsoft site, downloaded the last version of 7 from a tracker, BiE version from February and after all that "trouble"... as I said... it's not working, i get the same error. I give up. I just wanted to make an updated version of my personal modifyed OS, but at the end, i will update it and this is it. But anyway, thank you very much for your time and your kindness in trying to help me. Regards, Adadu
  3. My source is an unmodifyed win7. But my actually OS, the one that I am use now on my comp it's modifyed. Do you think this is a problem? L.E. I just figured out... it says very clear.... "use 7Customizer on an unmodified (clean,untouched .. etc)" Silly me...
  4. First of all, thank you for your sugestions. Secondly, it doesn't work. Maybe because I am using one of my own customised windows7? As you see at my print, it's a modifyed (slimmed) version. I will try to install on my laptop a clean, untouch win7 and give it a try... again.
  5. Thank you so much for your help, I will give it a try as soon as I can and came back with the results. As one of my friends use to say... "you are the man!"
  6. It's very odd, but last time when i tryed to use that program, it woked. Now... i don't know where i go wrong... And I don't use any spaces... it's c:\seven or d:\seven
  7. Hi guys, I hope someone can help me with my problem. I get an error when i try to indicate my source folder. I tryed to start 7Customiser in C:\ and in D:\ also, i get the same error. Can you help me and tell me what i did wrong? Thank you, Adadu
  8. Use WAIK 7 for Windows 7, i got the same problem using WAIK Vista for Wind 7 WAIK 7 from microsoft
  9. You have to "take ownership" on every file you try to change. This is your problem. If you don't take ownership of that file, you will not be able to change anything in it.
  10. I will describe my way: Use GImagex, mount install.wim, look for imageres.dll in windows - system32 and edit it with PExplorer Hope I helped you. Regards, Adadu
  11. Edit imageres.dll from install.wim - windows- - system32 I explaines what you have to do in your topic.
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