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  1. For example, i can modify Winntbbu.dll to change the setup background in WinXP.
  2. It can't work...change the layout.inf file bring some other problem...
  3. I make win2000 cd followed bellow steps: Use Makecab to compress WinMD5.exe: MakeCab WinMD5.exe then Copy WinMD5.ex_ to Directory \i386\myfile In TxtSetup.Sif: [sourceDisksNames.x86] 1 = %wkscd%,\cdrom_ip.5,,\i386 ... 800 = %spcd%,\cdromsp4.tst,,\i386\MyFile ;i use my own directory [sourceDisksFiles] ... winmd5.exe = 800,,,,,,,1,0,0 ... In DosNet.Inf: [Files] ... d1,WinMD5.exe when i boot from this cd,the file winmd5.exe can be copied normally, but when i install windows 2000 from command line: winnt /s:d:\win2k\i386 the file WinMD5.exe can not be found...why???
  4. I replace the file "makecab.exe" used another version, and change the "layout.inf" File, But can't to work ... "layout.inf" change: makecab.exe = 1,,81168,,,,,2,0,0 to: makecab.exe = 1,,154112,,,,,2,0,0 why...
  5. RUNDLL32.EXE SETUPAPI.DLL,InstallHinfSection ACPIAPIC_UP_HAL 128 C:\WINNT\INF\HAL.INF I use 128, But system prompted with a "Reboot the computer, Yes/No" dialog box why?????????? I want it silence...no reboot...

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