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  1. You need to edit boot.wim\sources\spwizimg.dll Bitmap 517 and 518 with a resource editor.
  2. Yeah I've found how to change default theme. You should edit this sections in Regedit. You can edit these with WIM Registry Editor from Vista Update Toolkit. You can also use a reg file. Wallpapers can be selected from OOBE but I think you can also change them via regedit. (sorry for English if did error)
  3. You can copy your theme files to (Mounted WIM Folder)\Windows\Resources\Themes your wallpaper files to (Mounted WIM Folder)\Windows\Web\Wallpaper by the way don't forget to copy uxtheme files (to WIM\windows\system32) for your custom themes. I don't know how to set your default wallpaper and theme but I think you can found it in the forum (If there is writing errors sorry for English, I'm not English)
  4. If you want to change WMP11's look,you should edit the wmploc.dll with a resource editor (Like resource hacker) You can find Windows 7 skins for WMP11 on Deviantart easily. I don't know about 3gp thumbs, sorry. My English is bad,too
  5. Hello everyone. I just downloaded internet explorer 8 final version (It's released today) I want to integrate IE8 into my WinXP source, but there are no ways to integrate. nLite supports up to beta2, HFSlip doesn't support IE8, and it can't integrate with command-line parameter (Like /integrate in hotfixes) How can I integrate IE8 into my windows source ? I know it is released today, but I hope i can integrate. (Sorry,bad English) Edit : I found a way.But i haven't tested yet. First extract the IE8 installation exe. Then Click Start > Run and type this: [IE8 Folder]\update\update.exe /integrate:[WinXP Source] I hope this will work.

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