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[29.07.09] Internet Explorer 8 RTM Slipstream Addon


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Because i didn't find any other IE8 Final addons around here yet.. i just localized my german addon i made yesterday fo you guys:

German Version tested and working - here`s the english one:

Download IE8 Slipstream Addon v1.0.7

Size: 12,60 MB

MD5: B18238BD2AAA3511A9C14FD3C2442569

have fun

29.07.09: updated to v1.0.7


- New KB972260 & KB972636

- KB969897 replaced by KB971930

- KB971180 replaced by KB972636

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IE8-x86 XP vs IE8 Server 2003

support\xmllite.dll Contents Different

update\ie8.cat Contents Different

update\iecustom.dll Contents Different

update\iesetup.exe Contents Different

update\update.ver Contents Different

browseui.dll Contents, Size Different

shdocvw.dll Contents, Size Different

shlwapi.dll Contents, Size Different

update\sqmapi.dll Contents, Size Different

update\update.inf Contents, Size Different

So, just need instructions (plus the INF files) on "how to create the package" for each (since several are necessarily different). True?

Why the KB968220 included? MS says it's for Beta... Part of the "Update" process via install directly using the Package Executable (the "option")?

EDIT - ok, I see this in "optional updates" in Windows Update.

(note - clean install XP-SP3 + IE8 Executed after Download from MS, no Updates)

edit1 - comparing all files vs XP-RTM -

XP vs Add-On

IE8-Addon-ENU-v1.0.1\ALL\iecompat.dll Contents, Size Different (n/a - KB968220)
IE8-Addon-ENU-v1.0.1\ALL\sqmapi.dll Contents, Size Different
(above from UPDATE folder - same VER, newer date?)
IE8-WindowsXP-x86-ENU\ALL\advpack.mui Source File Not Found (ref. item0)
IE8-WindowsXP-x86-ENU\ALL\entries_ie8.ini Source File Not Found <-new
(for nLite? - "Adds Internet Explorer 8 to your CD / DVD"
IE8-WindowsXP-x86-ENU\ALL\IE.INF Source File Not Found <-new
("Modded IE.inf from SP3")
IE8-WindowsXP-x86-ENU\ALL\IE8.CAB Source File Not Found <-extracted "HERE" (ref INI)
IE8-WindowsXP-x86-ENU\ALL\IE8.INF Source File Not Found <-new (main INF - ref INI)
(assuming from/related-to UPDATE.INF orig.pkg.)
IE8-WindowsXP-x86-ENU\ALL\IE8Core.INF Source File Not Found <-new (ref INI)
("Core Registry Changes")
IE8-WindowsXP-x86-ENU\ALL\IEACCESS.INF Source File Not Found <-new
("Modded IEACCESS.inf from SP3")
IE8-WindowsXP-x86-ENU\ALL\ieudinit.mui Source File Not Found (ref. item1)
IE8-WindowsXP-x86-ENU\ALL\msfdsync.exe Source File Not Found (ref. item4)
IE8-WindowsXP-x86-ENU\ALL\msfeedbs.dll Source File Not Found (ref. item2)
IE8-WindowsXP-x86-ENU\ALL\msfeedbs.mof Source File Not Found (ref. item3)
IE8-WindowsXP-x86-ENU\ALL\winfxobj.exe Source File Not Found (ref. item5)
IE8-Addon-ENU-v1.0.1\ALL\advpack.dll.mui Target File Not Found (item0)
IE8-Addon-ENU-v1.0.1\ALL\eula.rtf Target File Not Found (n/a)
IE8-Addon-ENU-v1.0.1\ALL\ie8.cat Target File Not Found (n/a?)
IE8-Addon-ENU-v1.0.1\ALL\iecustom.dll Target File Not Found (n/a)
IE8-Addon-ENU-v1.0.1\ALL\iesetup.exe Target File Not Found (n/a)
IE8-Addon-ENU-v1.0.1\ALL\ieudinit.exe.mui Target File Not Found (item1)
IE8-Addon-ENU-v1.0.1\ALL\msfeedsbs.dll Target File Not Found (item2)
IE8-Addon-ENU-v1.0.1\ALL\msfeedsbs.mof Target File Not Found (item3)
IE8-Addon-ENU-v1.0.1\ALL\msfeedssync.exe Target File Not Found (item4)
IE8-Addon-ENU-v1.0.1\ALL\spmsg.dll Target File Not Found (n/a)
IE8-Addon-ENU-v1.0.1\ALL\spuninst.exe Target File Not Found (n/a)
IE8-Addon-ENU-v1.0.1\ALL\spupdsvc.exe Target File Not Found (n/a)
IE8-Addon-ENU-v1.0.1\ALL\update.exe Target File Not Found (n/a)
IE8-Addon-ENU-v1.0.1\ALL\update.exe.manifest Target File Not Found (n/a)
IE8-Addon-ENU-v1.0.1\ALL\update.inf Target File Not Found (n/a - SEE NEW ABOVE)
IE8-Addon-ENU-v1.0.1\ALL\update.ver Target File Not Found (n/a)
IE8-Addon-ENU-v1.0.1\ALL\updspapi.dll Target File Not Found (n/a)
IE8-Addon-ENU-v1.0.1\ALL\winfxdocobj.exe Target File Not Found (item5)

Appears ok - Tests anyone?

(note/opinion - best if original OP provides instructions and new/modded components only)

ADDENDUM - for Server 2K3, probably should overlay the following -





- sqmapi.dll is "up for grabs" as per difference...

edit2 - an FYI - MS Blog on various IE8 Issues

edit3 - Some things to be aware of with IE8 (not in MS blog)

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Ok, anyone reading this thread...

By inspecting the OP's package, one can infer what needs to be done for the other packages. I already indicated as such for Server2K3. Therefore, anyone having x64 should be able to replicate this fine gentleman's efforts for their own purposes (those of you having x64). Information about how INF's are constructed can find this here. I plan on testing this with both the XP and 2K3. Just be so kind as to give credit where credit is due. ;)

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When I do a the first login with a Limited User Account (Non administrator), I get a access denied error message of trying to install a .inf

Sereby these reg entries cause that advanced inf error, during XP setup its fine but once you have loged in and you try to add it to the registry your inf may fail

;   Problem Registry
; End

Edited by ricktendo64
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Huh! These entries are in the "Update.inf" of original IE8RTM package (?).

"%CLSID_IE_TypeLib%" ??? Which INF is that from? Don't see that line anywhere...

Edited by submix8c
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submix8c, %CLSID_IE_TypeLib% is a string used in IE.inf and defined at the bottom under [strings]. Enjoy, John.

EDIT: The string variable value is {EAB22AC0-30C1-11CF-A7EB-0000C05BAE0B} and is found multiple times in update.inf of the original IE8. John.

Edited by johnhc
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