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Need an ISO mounting program


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My server is up and running and I need to install the newest OPK. But our download of it won't install after burning it because of CRC errors. We have tried multiple times to burn it and also redownloaded it. I did get it to install on another computer using the Virtual CD Rom Control Panel. That was on 2003 x86. The Virtual CD Rom Control Panel does not work in Server 2008 x64. When I go to load the driver, a message comes up saying that the driver has been blocked. I have also tried running this as Administrator (elevated) but no change.

So is there any programs that I can mount an ISO file to a mount point in 64bit Server 2008?

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Offhand as far as "permantly owned", no. However, you always have the alternative, albeit temporary, to get a Nero Trial (30 days?) that works with 64-bit and use ImageDrive.

...and FWIW, the source for VCD is available (somewhere) for any soul that wants to attempt to modify it to work with 64-bit.

edit - maybe WinImage as well (?).

When running on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server or Windows Vista, WinImage can collaborate with the FileDisk driver to mount disk images. FileDisk is a virtual disk driver for Windows 2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista that uses one or more uncompressed images files to emulate physical disks. FileDisk can mount uncompressed FAT images (.IMA images of floppy, removable disk or hard disk partition) or ISO CD-ROM/DVD images.
http://www.winimage.com/misc/filedisk64.htm Edited by submix8c
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My Nero 7 has it, but the license I use does not let me open it. And it is not part of my Nero 8 install either. I'll may try one of the other ones posted here but first I have to uninstall Nero 8 and then I'm going to try DaemonTools first.

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