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NT4 SP6a gone?


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I was just trying to patch up old NT4, and I can't seem to get Service Pack 6a High Encryption from Microsoft's download site. It just redirects to an error, saying the page no longer exists. I was able to get standard 6a not from Microsoft, but from a direct link to Microsoft on a 3rd party site, but that doesn't help.

I did a search on the forum, and nobody has mentioned it previously.

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Good question, although as an OS that has been out of support (completely) for a few years, seeing the downloads for updates and fixes disappear will likely be more common in the months and years to come.

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hmm means someone should download all the updates before its too late, just like MDGx hosts all the 95 updates on his site

I have most of their server content for NT and 2K backed up since last year.

Tonight I'll make sure I have evreything in NT40 branch just in case.

If (or actually - when) it disappears from MS server I'll make it available of course, no problem.

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