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  1. OEM Windows 7 Home Basic x86 activation issues

    Checked the bottom of the netbook, and indeed there is a COA sticker, and it does say Windows 7 Home Basic (it's late night and my sister is at bed so I can't take a pic of the COA, will take it tomorrow if you agree and attach it here). Another strange thing I also remember. When she brought the computer home, I had her open the system properties dialog and it said (back then) that it was fully activated and genuine.
  2. OEM Windows 7 Home Basic x86 activation issues

    There was no BIOS update and I went through their tech support already (the computer was bought in USA, they told me the the warranty doesn't apply in foreign countries).
  3. Hi. My younger sister recently (a month ago) got a sony netbook with Windows 7 Home Basic x86 preinstalled (she got it off a Sony autorized retailer). Today the windows 7 started showing the black background/"non genuine" notifications (the computer's hardware haven't been modified in any way and windows haven't been modified/reinstalled at all). Is there any reason for this? And how do I fix it?
  4. NT4 SP6a gone?

    Looks like erpman's nt4 sp page was removed too.
  5. Desktops 2012

    Hi. Got my desktop like I wanted. Check it out. > Visual style is "Verdesh SteelFlash". > Top Bar from SharpEnvironment. > Start button removed with StartKiller. > Trash can placed in the Superbar by enabling Quicklaunch toolbar. P.D: Yes. My laptop battery is dead, I'm saving for a 12 cell replacement.
  6. Hibernating win9x/NT4/ME

    Hi. I was playing with some old OS's in vmware player (nostalgia hit) and would like to know: Is hibernation supported in Win 95, 98, NT4, ME (each one)? How would I go around enabling it in each one of those OS's?
  7. wondering how to put a *.bin and a *.rc files back into a *.dll I extracted them from with resource hacker.