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  1. I guess I technically never said I would be hooking standard PC speakers to it. I just thought that would be assumed... anyhow, that sound card wouldn't work, unfortunately. Not only it is expensive in it's base form, but I would need an adapter as bonestonne said, further distancing the setup from my original budget. I suppose sound cards really are a dead end. I just want something cheap, that won't burden my processor, and is stable with no static and crackling...
  2. This may sound a bit dumb but.... how would that sound card be useful without a 3.5mm jack?
  3. Ok, I have horrible luck with integrated sound, and I want to have a sound card. Of course, I hear the horror stories about Creative's sound cards. I heard about Daniel_K and his custom drivers for Audigy cards. I also know that those cards are not sold anymore. So, I have a couple tough decisions to make: 1) I want to avoid Creative, but all the other cards seems too pricey. The price range I'm looking at is $50-$100. I can deal with lower, but I know you get what you pay for! 2) I don't want something that is software emulated, which is another reason I want to avoid Creative, with their deceptive naming scheme. Of course, I'm not even sure if that's possible anymore, since I recently switched to Vista (or possibly 7 soon). 3) I have both PCI and PCI-e x1, but I've heard bad things about PCI-e sound cards... is any of that true? Integrated isn't an option. I always have compatibility issues, plus it's kinda creepy actually. There static coming through my speakers from my sound card, and it sounds like somebody running down a rainy street. A little unsettling at times. Hahahaha... Any help is very appreciated! (Oh, and I did a forum search already, and while there are some great posts out there, they didn't really help)
  4. You guys are awesome. I wonder why they removed the download page, but not the download? ...or why they removed it at all.
  5. I was just trying to patch up old NT4, and I can't seem to get Service Pack 6a High Encryption from Microsoft's download site. It just redirects to an error, saying the page no longer exists. I was able to get standard 6a not from Microsoft, but from a direct link to Microsoft on a 3rd party site, but that doesn't help. I did a search on the forum, and nobody has mentioned it previously.
  6. Are you booting off of the CD or are you booting off of a floppy disk image? Floppy disk images shouldn't even know what type of CD it is. I'd link you to a website with working 98SE floppy boot disks, but I'm not sure if that's against the rules. Better safe than sorry.
  7. Well, I may have confused some. It's not the program's icon I hate, it's the file type's icon I hate. They all turned into geckos. I know how to easily change a desktop shortcut's icon... but changing a file type's icon? beyond me.
  8. Well, I went with Irfanview. All the others either didn't install, gave a DLL error, or best of all, gave me registry corruption. Didn't try the last 2 mentioned after I posted... and I don't think I will. I'm content with Irfanview, though I wish it's icon wasn't so ugly.
  9. wow, a lot of replies. I'm going to try some of those programs, hopefully one of them is what I'm looking for.
  10. I'm wondering if there is a program for 98SE that mimics XP's Image and Fax viewer. Nothing special, I just want to double click a picture and be able to scroll through photos without the hassle of going back to explorer and finding the next picture. I've read about some kind of KODAK program that comes with 98, and I found some program called Imaging, but it does next to nothing, and getting it to associate with photo formats will be a long, manual process. I also did a search of the 9x and special project sections of this forum, with no luck. I know there must be something I'm missing.
  11. I wonder why mine is cut in half then? I always install IE6 first thing. Eh~ whatever... I still love uberskin.
  12. Mine's a PCI card. My motherboard does have an AGP slot, but it's a proprietary form factor, so I can't fit anything but a Rage 128 into it. As for modding the drivers.... I'm not exactly sure what you mean. Like replacing files provided with updated versions or something?
  13. Seems strange that they would release 6.2 drivers for 9x and not add cards that the drivers premiered with.
  14. I too found that problematic. Truth be told, I just disabled my quicklaunch, even though I use it often.
  15. I'm thinking it should work just like that.... except you get no 3D acceleration like Direct3D or OpenGL. As for buying an X1550... I'd advice against it. Right now I can't get the X1300 running on 9x's 6.2, so I'm positive the X1550 won't work.

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