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KernelEx 4.5.2

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A little further down in the list of posts is this:

The kernelex app compatability database ... listing programs known to fail and known to work. Likely not all of either category.

hasta la bye bye


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If not ANY program, what kind of XP programs KernelEx is supposed to run in Win98SE?

You will have to check by yourself ;) , or to read completely this thread, and the KernelEx App Compatibility Database .

In that sense, why would Universal Extractor need to support Win98, when the whole point of using KernelEx is to run programs that don't support Win98 on their own?

The non-compatibility of an application with Windows 9x can come from several points:(FWIW)

- support of unicode

- API not present in native Win 9x

- for Universal Extractor, it seems that it is checking for the OS before running and 'will not even execute' if it find Windows 9x. So, it could be that it is looking for a certain key in registry for instance, like the 'User Agent' string used for the browsers. Maybe with some tests, it could possible to go through this limitation by tweaking those key(s).

Does KernelEx automatically support any running program, unless disabled in Compatibility Tab? If yes, what OS compatibility mode it supports by default, if no mode is selected by user?

FWIW, you are not supposed to set the compatibility tab with every program you want to run under KernelEx.

No setting is the widest compatibility.

Only a few programs need to be mistaken. The tooltip of this tab says that it 'changes OS identification & emulates OS behavior'.

Read in this thread, page 5 post #93 from M()zart.

HTH :)


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Don't forget to let us know if you still have problems.


Hi Xeno,

I effectively had beta 1 installed. Must have mixed up the two versions ... really stupid !

Sorry for that !


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Foxit Reader released and works with KernelEx 4.5 beta 2.

I get still the Error in GDI.EXE even in this Version during scrolling in large documents (Toolbar disabled or enabled). OS WinME / KEX 4.5 beta2 / RP9.1

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hello, now that we are beset with windows 7 as the 7th wonder of the world, one of the 7 most important things in our lives, we have no hint of surprise of brilliant minds like yours that before anybody realized that Windows 98 is democracy of the people, and wanted to why it is so important to the powers of this world, keep still alive, sorry for my bad English. Greetings and thanks

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Your work is much appreciated.

However, we have a problem in 98SE installing 4.5 Beta 2, downloaded from SourceForge 3/22/10.

Uninstalled 4.0 RC2, told it delete settings, made sure its Registry key and \Windows\Kernelex were gone.


The 4.5b2 Installer gave an Illegal Operation box, and "returned: -1".

It erased the extracted setup file and added nothing to the Registry.

We can't find anything about returned codes - can someone help ?

Our 98SE is much hacked, but the old v4.0 Final2 re-installed OK.

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See #556 below


Also on the subject of the font problem in Seamonkey 2.0 menus:

Changing the font for everything in Properties\Appearance works if you use "Times New Roman (Western)".

It's ugly.

But we found no way to change the system font to micross.ttf from XP.

The font installed, but refused to 'take' in Properties\Appearance.

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Tried it again (new day, new boot) - micross.ttf (Microsoft Sans Serif) disappears from the Properties dropdowns when you go back to them again.

Yet it DOES take effect, the menus are now micross.ttf.

Sadly the menus still have black rectangles at the end of many items.

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n Latin America and Spain seems not to have anyone who understands the project win9x even German who translated into Spanish, so tonion my brother and I would like to know how to contact the project raulcomodoro Lupos, greetings

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Well, my failure of v4.5 b2 to install is fixed.

I had deleted \Windows\KernelEx with the files from 4.0RC2, where it keeps KERNEL32.BAK.

Replaced \Windows\System\KERNEL32.DLL with the stock version and now it installs just fine.

OK, I am an id***... [it won't let me call myself an i d i o t! How kind.] but found nothing saying NOT to do that!

There's only a slight hint that you can install the new ver over the old one without uninstalling first.

I don't know if the patched bytes are in the same locations for every version.

Perhaps the installer can simply omit the check for a stock KERNEL32.DLL.

Or each version could recognize a previously patched KERNEL32.DLL and restore any bytes NOT to be patched.

That would also save 400K+ of disk space.

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